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Poems for her

Poems for her Furthermore, like the motivational phrases to dedicate to a partner, these short poems to recite have the messages and the precise length to brighten the day of the person you love the most. Conquer his heart in a forceful way! 37. Love, by Claribel Alegría all the ones I love, they are… Leer más »

Poems about life and death

Poems about life and death For you, I have a smile printed on Japan paper Look at me, that you make the grass grow in the meadows, Women, river clear music map fruit party, in your window, vines hang from car steering wheels, and retailers reduce the price of their merchandise, let me kiss your… Leer más »

Poems about life struggles

Poems about life struggles So that you don’t lack poem ideas to say what you feel, here are these love poems to dedicate to a man or a woman, the perfect verses to make a wife fall in love even more and to consolidate a relationship. 28. Rima I, by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer I know… Leer más »

Poems about life and love

Poems about life and love Neither silence, nor words: your voice, only, only, speaking to me. Neither hands nor lips: just two bodies, in the distance, separated. Neither light nor darkness, neither eyes nor look: vision, the vision of the soul. And finally, finally, neither enjoyment nor sorrow, neither heaven nor earth, neither up nor… Leer más »

Poems about life and death

Poems about life and death Love poems are the most direct way to tell someone you love them. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting to know each other and what you want are poems to declare yourself; If you are dating and what you want are short love poems to wish you a… Leer más »

Poems about life lessons

Poems about life lessons You will go with me as long as I cast a shadow my body and left my sandal sandal. -Are you thirst or water in my path?- Tell me, elusive virgin and companion. 20. Sometimes, by Nicolás Guillén Sometimes I feel like being corny, to say: I love you madly. Short… Leer más »

Poems about life journey

Poems about life journey I finally find your kiss, with your tenderness, like the river with all the plain and thirst with water without shores. 14. The sea and you, by Julia de Burgos The rush of the sea upon my door, It’s a blue sensation between my fingers, and your impetuous jump for my… Leer más »

Poems about life short

Poems about life short It is always a good time to relive the reasons why you fell in love and remind them of the person who fills your life with joy with their presence. You don’t need long love messages to do it, one of these short love poems will be enough. Don’t miss any… Leer más »

Poems about life changes

Poems about life changes To love is to save yourself as if you were part of the sunset, Neither before nor after, so that we are alone. between games and stories, on the dry land. To love is to perceive, when you are absent, your perfume in the air he breathes, and contemplate the star… Leer más »