Poems about life short

por | 25 enero, 2024

Poems about life short

It is always a good time to relive the reasons why you fell in love and remind them of the person who fills your life with joy with their presence. You don’t need long love messages to do it, one of these short love poems will be enough.

Don’t miss any of these short love poems with titles, your boyfriend or girlfriend will surely love that you think about them and that you don’t miss any opportunity to be the best couple in the world: romantic, thoughtful and loving.

Famous poems about life

10. If a man could say what he loves, by Luis Cernuda

If man could say what he loves, If man could lift his love to heaven like a cloud in the light; yes like walls that collapse, to greet the truth standing in the middle, he could collapse his body, leaving only the truth of his love, the truth of himself, which is not called glory, fortune or ambition, but love or desire, I would be the one he imagined; the one who with his tongue, his eyes and his hands proclaims before men the unknown truth, the truth of his true love.

11. Always, by Maruja Vieira

You always come back.

British poems about life

There is no time for you, nor does the earth have dark limits.

You always come back.

And I’m always here, waiting for your hands, filling me with dreams like a tree with rain.

There is nothing different.

Everything is equal and pure when you return.

Short poems

The days have not passed nor have I suffered.

I am alone, with a heart clean as a new fountain.

I have words and roads again and with you the breeze and the stars return.

The bells and the birds return, you give me back the music, the murmur

of distant rivers, the clarity of the mountain, the perfect truth that I love you.

Long poems about life

12. I want to be everything in love, by Claribel Alegría

I want to be everything in love, the lover, the beloved, the vertigo, the breeze the water that reflects, and that white cloud, vaporous, indecisive that covers us for a moment.

13. Sonnet of elemental love, by Carlos Castro Saavedra.

Poems about life and death

I love you like this, woman: simply, as the shepherd loves his sheep, the walker to the old oaks and the morning river to its current.

I love you like houses love people and like the hive to the bees, and the sleeping eyes to the eyebrows that fly in the sky of the forehead.

I go to your heart like the waves to ships loaded with poppies, and of light and simple woods.

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