Poems about life and love

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Poems about life and love

Neither silence, nor words: your voice, only, only, speaking to me.

Neither hands nor lips: just two bodies, in the distance, separated.

Neither light nor darkness, neither eyes nor look: vision, the vision of the soul.

And finally, finally, neither enjoyment nor sorrow, neither heaven nor earth, neither up nor down, neither life nor death, nothing, only love, only loving.

25. Come, by Rafael Alberti

Long poems about life

Come, my love, on the afternoon of Aniene and sit with me and watch the wind.

Although you are not here, my only thought, It is seeing with you the wind that comes and goes. You don’t leave, because my love has you.

I will not leave, because I sit next to you, more life of my blood, more your breath, more light of the heart that sustains me.

You do not leave, my love, although you want to.

You won’t leave, my love, and if you did, Even if you left, my love, you would never leave.

My song is yours, I am in it.

Poems about love

And in that wind that comes and goes I go, and in that wind you would always see me.

26. I don’t want to die without knowing about your mouth, by Elsa López

I don’t want to die without hearing from your mouth.

I don’t want to die with a perplexed soul, knowing you are different, lost on other beaches.

I don’t want to die with this sadness through the infinite arch of that sad dome, where your dreams live in the midday sun.

Short poems about love

I don’t want to die without having given you, the golden spheres of my body, the skin that covers me, the tremor that invades me.

I don’t want to die without you loving me.

27. You have me and I am yours, by Ángela Figuera Aymerich

You have me and I am yours. so close to each other, like meat from bones.

so close to each other, and, often, so far away!…

Short poems about life

You tell me sometimes that you find me closed, As if made of hard stone, as if wrapped in secrets, impassive, remote… And you would like yours, the key to the mystery…

If no one has it… There is no key. Not even myself, I don’t even have it myself!

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