Poems for her

por | 25 enero, 2024

Poems for her

Furthermore, like the motivational phrases to dedicate to a partner, these short poems to recite have the messages and the precise length to brighten the day of the person you love the most. Conquer his heart in a forceful way!

37. Love, by Claribel Alegría all the ones I love, they are in you, and you, in everything I love.

38. There are eyes that look, there are eyes, those who dream, by Miguel de Unamuno

In your eyes I am born, -your eyes create me, I live in your eyes – the sun of my sphere, In your eyes I die, -my house and sidewalk, your eyes my grave, -your eyes my land.

39. Madrigal, by Manuel del Palacio

Short poems about life

You looked at me, my soul, And my joy was such, And my passion is so crazy, What a feeling it still seems to me, The kiss of your eyes on my mouth.

40. Love, by Juan Brossa

Love, in this poem, time does not exist:

the entire course of the Universe, it occurs in him at the same time.

41. Our love, by Claribel Alegría

Our love is simple, no bursts, like one of those houses, with ferns, and some other frog

Untimely, 42. I thought of you, by José Martí

Existential poems about death

I thought of you, of your hair, that the shadow world would envy, and I put a point of my life into them, and I wanted to dream that you were mine.

I walk the earth with my eyes, raised -oh, my eagerness!- to such a height, that in haughty anger or miserable blushes, The human creature lit them.

Live: -Know how to die; that’s how it afflicts me, this unfortunate search, this fierce good, and all the Being in my soul is reflected, and searching without faith, I die of faith.

43. Who shines, by Alejandra Pizarnik

When you look at me, my eyes are keys, the wall has secrets, my fear words, poems.

Poems about missing someone who died

Only you make my memory, a fascinated traveler, an incessant fire.

44. Love is like music…, by Blanca Varela

Love is like music, He returns me empty-handed, eventually it flashes on out of paradise.  I know an island, my memories, and a future music, the promise.

And I go towards death that does not exist, which is called horizon in my chest.

Always eternity at the wrong time.

45. As if every kiss, by Fernando Pessoa

Long poems about life

As if every kiss, Out of farewell, My Chloe, let’s kiss, loving.

Maybe it’s our turn

On the shoulder the hand that calls, To the boat that does not come but empty; And that in the same beam, Ties what we were to each other, And the alien universal sum of life.

There is definitely nothing like short love poems to wish a good day, to win a heart or to remember the reasons why you fell in love. Furthermore, if they are love poems that rhyme, your lover will surely love them, as much as these good morning love phrases. Remember that if the love is great enough to commit, Matrimonio.com.pe has the best wedding suppliers. Like these short love poems, your love story is super romantic!

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