Poems about life struggles

por | 25 enero, 2024

Poems about life struggles

So that you don’t lack poem ideas to say what you feel, here are these love poems to dedicate to a man or a woman, the perfect verses to make a wife fall in love even more and to consolidate a relationship.

28. Rima I, by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

I know a giant and strange hymn, that announces in the night, and from the soul an aurora, and these pages are from that hymn, cadences that the air dilates in the shadows.

Short poems about life

I would like to write to you, about the man, taming the rebellious, petty language, with words that were at the same time, sighs and laughter, colors and notes.

But it is in vain to fight, there is no figure, capable of locking him up; and just, oh, beautiful!,

yes, having yours in my hands, I could, in your ear, sing it to you alone.

29. The poet asks his love to write to him, by Federico García Lorca

Love of my loins, living death, I wait in vain for your written word and I think, with the flower that withers, that if I live without me I want to lose you.

Existential poems about death

The air is immortal. The inert stone, He neither knows the shadow nor avoids it.

Inner heart does not need, the frozen honey that the moon pours.

But I suffered you. I tore my veins, tiger and dove, on your waist in a duel of bites and lilies.

So fill my madness with words, or let me live in my serene, night of the soul forever dark.

30. When you come to love, by Rubén Darío

Poems about missing someone who died

When you come to love, if you have not loved, you will know that in this world, It is the biggest and deepest pain, to be both happy and unhappy.

Corollary: love is an abyss, of light and shadow, poetry and prose, and where the most expensive thing is done, which is laughing and crying at the same time.

Long poems about life

In the heart of the most secret mine, Inside the most distant fruit, In the vibration of the most discreet note, In the spiral and resonant conch, In the densest layer of paint, In the vein that probes us the most in the body, In the word that says softer, In the root that goes lower, the more it hides, In the deepest silence of this pause, Where life became eternity, I look for your hand and decipher the cause, Of wanting and not believing, final, intimacy.

32. 5 meters of poems, by Carlos Oquendo de Amat

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