Poems about life changes

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Poems about life changes

To love is to save yourself as if you were part of the sunset, Neither before nor after, so that we are alone.

between games and stories, on the dry land.

To love is to perceive, when you are absent, your perfume in the air he breathes, and contemplate the star in which you move away, when I close the door at night.

6. Cover me, love, by Rafael Alberti

Famous short poem

Cover me, love, the roof of my mouth, with that extreme extreme foam, which is jasmine of those who know and those who burn,

Sprouted on rock coral tip.

Make me crazy, love, your salt, crazy, Your sharp lancinating supreme flower, Bending his fury in the diadem of the mordant carnation that runs wild.

Oh tight flow, love, oh beautiful!

Famous poems about life

temperate bubbling of snow,  through such a narrow grotto raw, to look at how your fine neck

you slip, love, and it rains, of jasmines and saliva stars! 7. Madrigal, by Amado Nervo

For your green eyes I miss it, siren of those that Ulysses, sagacious, loved and feared.

For your green eyes I miss it.

Poems about change

For your green eyes in what, fleeting, Sometimes melancholy usually shines; for your green eyes so full of peace, mysterious like my hope; for your green eyes, an effective spell, I would save myself.

8. Give me your hand, by Gabriela Mistral

Give me your hand and we will dance; Give me your hand and you will love me.

As a single flower we will be, like a flower, and nothing more…

Short poems about life

We will sing the same verse, at the same step you will dance.

Like a spike we will undulate, like an ear of wheat, and nothing more.

Your name is Rosa and I am Esperanza; but you will forget your name, because we will be a dance.

9. Offering, by Rainer María Rilke

Poems about life and death

Oh, how my body blooms, from every vein, with more aroma, since I recognized you!

Look, I walk slimmer and straighter, and you just wait… but who are you?

Look; I feel how distance, how I lose the old, leaf after leaf.

Only your smile remains like many stars, about you, and soon about me too.

Long poems about life

To everything that throughout my childhood, nameless still shines, like water, I’m going to give your name on the altar, that’s on your hair, and surrounded, lightly, with your breasts.

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