Poems about life and death

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Poems about life and death

Love poems are the most direct way to tell someone you love them. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting to know each other and what you want are poems to declare yourself; If you are dating and what you want are short love poems to wish you a good day; or if you are married and in addition to sending one of these wedding anniversary phrases to dedicate to your partner, you want to send him a perfect poem for a wife.

In all cases, here you have the best short love poems to dedicate, choose yours and tell everything you feel to the person you love.

Poems for the love of your life

If you already know that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, why not write one of these love poems to dedicate to them? Maybe you’ll be encouraged to recite it or even dedicate one of the most beautiful long love poems to him.

The key thing is that if you want to keep the signs of a healthy relationship alive, day by day you must feed that love with beautiful details like these short love poems, which show that you do not take that feeling for granted.

Famous poems about death

1. I Offer You, by Paul Verlaine

I offer you among clusters, green segments and roses, My naive heart that humbles itself to your goodness; Your loving hands do not want to destroy it, Your eyes rejoice in my simple gift.

In the shady garden my tired body, The morning auras covered with dew; As in the peace of a dream I slip by your side,  The fugitive moment that I long for to rest.

When the divine storm calms in my seven, I will recline, playing with your thick curls, On your nubile breast my sleepy forehead, Sound with the rhythm of your last kisses

2. Fertile Companion, by Carlos Castro Saavedra

Famous poems about life

In the mirror of your body, wife, recognize my face, so faithfully, that the deepest line of my forehead

She was trapped in your trembling blood.

You copied me, woman, beautiful woman, in your river of love, in your current, and you gave back generously,  My silent mountain face.

The son is land of my own land, brightness of my eyes and my war, powerful presence of myself.

Thanks to you, fruitful companion, I was like a seed in your meadow and I returned younger from your abyss.

3. Eternal Love, by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

The sun may be clouded forever; The sea can dry up in an instant; You can break the axis of the Earth Like weak glass.

Death poems short

Everything will happen! Could death, Cover me with your funereal crepe; But it can never go out in me The flame of your love.

4. They find in love the cause of all its goods, by Francisco de Quevedo

After I met you, I have plenty of all things:

The Sun to have a day, April to have roses.

For my sake you can take Another job the Auroras, that I know a light Who knows how to dawn shadows.

Well may search the night Whoever knows the Stars of him, What for me Astrology

They are already dark and few.

Poems of comfort in death

The East spends its mines With whoever miser breaks them, That I enrich the view

With more gold at less cost.

5. Love, by Salvador Novo

Loving is this timid silence, close to you, without you knowing, and remember your voice when you leave and feel the warmth of your greeting.

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