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Tumblr quotes about moving on

Tumblr quotes about moving on  ,  Friendship begins where interest ends or ends. (Cicero) Each friend represents a world within us, a world that perhaps would not have been born if we had not known it. (Anaïs Nin) Tumblr quotes about moving on Tumblr quotes about moving on Friendship is everything. Friendship is worth more… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes about him

Tumblr quotes about him  Below you’ll find a selection of phrases that will touch your soul and give you clues to inspiring new ways of understanding your surroundings. Throughout history, many thinkers and artists have reflected on the great themes of life and have left us great phrases to think about. About love, friendship, imagination… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes short

Tumblr quotes short The happiness of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts A phrase attributed to Marco Aurelio. Relate the idea of ​​happiness with the mindset with which we interpret the world. Tumblr quotes short 52. Happiness cannot be obtained by wanting to be happy. It must appear as an unintended consequence… Leer más »