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Cute short inspirational quotes

Cute short inspirational quotes “Thus, in infinite afternoons, I was penetrating the song of the plain, thanks to those countrymen. They were my teachers. They, and then a multitude of countrymen that life was bringing me closer over time. Everyone had their own style. Each one expressed, playing or singing, the matters that the pampa… Leer más »

Love motivational quotes

Love motivational quotes “My life begins as a dialect of the universe that offers itself to my poetry as a true space and poetic realm. Light was always for me like the food of the hungry,so that, without underestimating inspiration,which prevails above all, there have been times when I have identified life and literature.” KO… Leer más »

Inspirational sayings

Inspirational sayings Inspirational sayings, Inspiration is the product of your thinking, like a brilliant idea. If you have a revolutionary inspiration like the printing press, the phone or the computer, you can change the world. The word inspiration can also mean a sudden intuition or idea, or something that sparks your desire to take action.… Leer más »

Love pics quotes

Love pics quotes Love pics quotes, If you have been left wanting more, you cannot miss these love messages, love words full of romance to write the best love texts, romantic poems, love phrases to dedicate and make that person fall in love. You can even use them as compliments for men or women, and… Leer más »