Poems about life and death

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Poems about life and death

For you, I have a smile printed on Japan paper Look at me, that you make the grass grow in the meadows, Women, river clear music map fruit party, in your window, vines hang from car steering wheels, and retailers reduce the price of their merchandise, let me kiss your voice, your voice, sings in all the branches of the morning.

33. Matter, by José Ángel Valente

Long poems about life

Convert the word into matter, where what we would like to say cannot, penetrate beyond

of what the matter would tell us, yes to her, like a womb, delicately we applied, naked, white belly, delicate ear to hear, the sea, the indistinct  murmur of the sea, that beyond you, the unnamed love always engenders you.

34. Sonnet 22, by Pablo Neruda

How many times, love, I loved you without seeing you and perhaps without memory,

Famous poems about death

Without recognizing your gaze, without looking at you, centaura, In opposite regions, in a burning noon, You were just the aroma of the cereals that I love.

Maybe I saw you, I guessed you passing by raising a glass, In Angol, in the light of the June moon, Or were you the waist of that guitar

That I played in the darkness and it sounded like the boundless sea.

I loved you without me knowing it, and I searched for your memory.

Famous poems about life

I entered empty houses with a flashlight to steal your portrait.

But I already knew what it was. Suddenly, While you were with me I touched you and my life stopped:

In front of my eyes you were, reigning me and queens. Like a bonfire in the forests, fire is your kingdom.

35. If someone knocks at your door, by Gabriel García Márquez

If someone knocks on your door, my friend, and something in your blood beats and does not rest and in your stem of water, trembling, the source is a liquid of harmony.

Death poems short

If someone knocks on your door and still, you have plenty of time to be beautiful, and all April fits in a rose, and for the rose the day bleeds, If someone knocks on your door one morning

sound of doves and bells, and you still believe in pain and poetry,

If life is still true and the verse exists.

If someone knocks on your door and you are sad, Open up, what is love, my friend.

36. Song of Too Much Love, by Vinicius de Morais

Poems of comfort in death

I want to cry because I loved you too much, I want to die because you gave me life,

Oh, my love, will I never have peace?

Will everything that is in me, It just means saudade… And I don’t even know what’s going to happen to me, everything tells me that loving will be my end… How desperate love brings, I didn’t know what love was, Now I know because I’m not happy.

Short and beautiful love poems

When you don’t have much time or space, but you want to send a beautiful message of love, shorter love poems are your best option. Remember that details are one of the things that every woman expects from a man and give her one of these romantic poems.

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