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Tumblr quotes friends

Tumblr quotes friends  , When you stop dreaming, you stop living. My life with you is something that would never change, not even for all the riches that are under heaven. The best coffee for my insomnia is your eyes. Tumblr quotes friends Open your heart without fear. Broken hearts are healed, it is the… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes about friends

Tumblr quotes about friends  A true friend reaches your hand and touches your heart Heather Prior, in an inspired aphorism. 40. Who did not look for friends in joy, do not ask for them in misfortune A saying about attitude when looking for or not friends. 41. If you want to form judgment about a… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes friendship

Tumblr quotes friendship  , As you have seen, we have collected a large selection of phrases for Tumblr that will help you express all your feelings, from the most beautiful, dedicated to love or even friendship, like other shorts that have a very characteristic message and that will help you to see life differently. If… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes about moving on

Tumblr quotes about moving on  ,  Friendship begins where interest ends or ends. (Cicero) Each friend represents a world within us, a world that perhaps would not have been born if we had not known it. (Anaïs Nin) Tumblr quotes about moving on Tumblr quotes about moving on Friendship is everything. Friendship is worth more… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes about him

Tumblr quotes about him  Below you’ll find a selection of phrases that will touch your soul and give you clues to inspiring new ways of understanding your surroundings. Throughout history, many thinkers and artists have reflected on the great themes of life and have left us great phrases to think about. About love, friendship, imagination… Leer más »