Tumblr quotes in Spanish

por | 8 agosto, 2020

Tumblr quotes in Spanish
Tumblr quotes in Spanish

Tumblr quotes in Spanish , The first kiss I gave you was not with the mouth, it was with the eyes.
I love you since I met you. I will love you until the end of your story.
Every time you kiss me I feel like I’m flying. You’re an angel?
I want to shout to the four winds that I am yours and nobody else’s.

Tumblr quotes in Spanish

Tumblr quotes in Spanish
Tumblr quotes in Spanish

I could never forget you. With you I got to touch the sky.
Thank you for being the man who is always by my side.

Tumblr quotes relationship

Tumblr quotes in Spanish
Tumblr quotes in Spanish

I don’t usually indulge in addictions. You are an exception.

Tumblr quotes smile

Someday I will make you see me as I see you, perfect.
Love is not looked at. Love is felt. And I feel it even more when you are next to me. Tumblr quotes in Spanish
You always manage to bring out the best in me.
When I am in your arms I feel that nothing can harm me.
Smelling your perfume is like a gift to my senses.

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My pulse quickens every time I see you stare at me.
I would repeat the moment I met you a thousand times.
I may not know where I am going, but what I am sure of is that when night falls I want to sleep in your arms.

For you a samba would dance on top of a prawn’s whiskers.
I love you as pears love buts.
For you I would climb a mountain, although I will not climb.
You are the lemon my lemonade lacks.

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If you were the lady and I was the tramp, I’d be eating spaghetti all day.
Love knocked on my door and I was taking the dog out.
As every year, Cupid forgot about my arrow. Tumblr quotes in Spanish
For you the moon would come down, but I forgot the ladder.
I’d bring you a star, but my rocket has escaped me.
I love you like ducks, for life.
Our love is so burning that it burns.
Our love is like the ink of a BIC pen, it seems to end, but in the end it never ends.

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