Tumblr quotes friends

por | 1 octubre, 2020

Tumblr quotes friends  , When you stop dreaming, you stop living.
My life with you is something that would never change, not even for all the riches that are under heaven.
The best coffee for my insomnia is your eyes.

Tumblr quotes friends

Tumblr quotes friends
Tumblr quotes friends

Open your heart without fear. Broken hearts are healed, it is the protected ones that last in the shade as hard as stones.
When you are reconciled with what you are, only there you will be content with what you have.

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A positive mindset helps you succeed, think well to live better.
A useful tip for life: forget about those who forget about you.
Courage is knowing what not to fear.
I still have a bad habit of looking for you in songs.
In this life I open my heart, my time and everything I have to you. If you knew how happy I am when I receive photos or messages from you, you would feel like the most important person in the world. Thank you for entering my life so strongly.

Tumblr quotes

Aim for the Moon. If you fail, you could hit a star.
I have been waiting hours and I will wait for more hours, until my love arrives and my heart is filled.
How important it is to have good friends in life.

Tumblr quotes

Beautiful things are felt, neither seen nor touched.
A single positive thought in the morning can change for the better all day.
The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Tumblr quotes relationship

I want to love you and I can only love you, I want to forget you, but you live in my mind, I want not to hear you, but you scream in my heart. I want to get away, but you’re in me.
Do you know what my perfect days would be like? Waking up to the scent of your skin and the taste of your lips.
Sometimes life will hit us, but thanks to those scars, little by little we will stop making mistakes.

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A good traveler has no plans.
What you do for yourself disappears when you are not around, but what you do for others remains your legacy.
Even in my deepest dreams, my heart knows that everything belongs to you.
You cannot separate peace from freedom, because nobody can be at peace with himself if he is not free.

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