Tumblr quotes about friends

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Tumblr quotes about friends  A true friend reaches your hand and touches your heart

Heather Prior, in an inspired aphorism.
40. Who did not look for friends in joy, do not ask for them in misfortune

A saying about attitude when looking for or not friends.
41. If you want to form judgment about a man, observe who are his friends

Tumblr quotes about friends

Tumblr quotes about friends
Tumblr quotes about friends

Tumblr quotes about friends

Fenelon believed that our friends talk about us.
42. Friendship that had just not begun

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Publio Siro is categorical about what he understood as true friendship.
43. A friend is the image you have of yourself

A quote from Robert L. Stevenson.
44. Friendship is a love that is not communicated by the senses

Ramón de Campoamor bequeathed this interesting reflection on the nature of friendship.
45. No friendship is an accident

A simple phrase from the American writer William Sydney Porter.

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46. ​​Friends are born, not made

An Innate View on Friendship by Henry Adams.
47. A friend is someone who gives you complete freedom to be yourself

Jim Morrison on the character of friendship.
48. The only way to have a friend is to be one

Ralph Waldo Emerson believed in reciprocity.

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49. Friendship is always helpful; love sometimes hurts

Seneca, in one of her aphorisms.
50. Suspicion is the cancer of friendship

Petrarch warns of danger.
51. Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?

A quote from Abraham Lincoln, speaking from a humanistic philosophy advanced to his time.
52. Each new friend is a reconquered piece of ourselves.

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Friedrich Hebbel brings us this reflection on the art of making friends who help us on the winding path of life.
53. Everyone’s friend is not a friend.

Aristotle left us this valuable lesson: whoever loves everyone, does not really love anyone.
54. All my assets are my friends.

A famous anonymous quote that shows us the wealth of having good friends close by.
55. Take time to choose a friend, but be even slower to change it.

Famous quote from the great Benjamin Franklin, one of the first presidents of the United States.

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56. Friends are those strange beings who ask us how we are and wait to hear the answer.

A simple detail that makes the difference. The phrase is from Ed Cunningham.
57. Beyond the family with whom we share blood is the family with whom we share longings

A beautiful way to define what friendship is.
58. Friendship is much more than an investment in favors; it is the feeling of being loved and accepted.

It goes beyond pragmatist logic.

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59. Friendships are not made by acts of faith: they must be deserved.

You are not friends with someone just by saying it.
60. The best friendships are those in which there is symmetry.

A balance of powers must be maintained.
61. In true friendships, competitiveness is always weaker than mutual appreciation.

A hierarchy of ethical values.
62. Friends don’t just count their penalties.

Having a relationship of this type implies attending to all the expressive needs of people.
63. Mornings are sunnier if we meet a friendly smile.

A phrase that reflects the mood of those who enjoy these smiles.
64. True friendships are neither sold nor rented.

Friends are not for opportunistic purposes.

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65. There is a lot of potential in two friends with creative ideas.

There are ways of thinking that feed each other.
66. Friendship is what makes ideas grow at the same time in two heads.

Another phrase about friendship that talks about your creative potential.
67. No matter how long a friendship lasts, it is not self-fulfilling.

Friendships don’t wear out just over time.
68. There is a lot of love in one word: “friend”.

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Many feelings encapsulated in a single term.
69. To accept yourself, nothing like having the support of friends.

Having people who appreciate us that way is therapeutic.
70. A friend is the mirror in which we see what we could become if we strive.

Having friends inspires us and helps us see our potential.

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71. In friendship leaves a small gap for conflict, and in conflict leaves a large gap for reconciliation.

A maxim to be able to be a good friend.
72. Friendship is like the stars. We can’t always see them, but nevertheless, we always know they are there.

A charming metaphor that explains in a few words the essence of trusting another person.
73. Friendship is even more beautiful than a ray of sunshine.

A naive ode.
74. If you are not able to be a good friend, do not expect others to befriend you.

Logically, it is a two-way street.
75. Stroll and chat, have a drink, take a trip … So many pleasures that are doubly enjoyed with your friends.

The best company to share the best moments.
76. Not even the greatest success can be compared to the happiness of having a good friend.

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