Tumblr quotes tattoos

por | 8 agosto, 2020

Tumblr quotes tattoos
Tumblr quotes tattoos

Tumblr quotes tattoos  I believed that the love I felt was shared, but finally it turned out not, that I was the only love.
They say that changes always end up being for the better, but how can I be better off without you?
I don’t know if I’ll be able to forget your smell.

Tumblr quotes tattoos

Tumblr quotes tattoos
Tumblr quotes tattoos

Your laugh was my life, what will I feed on now?
Sometimes life gives you unpleasant surprises. Mine came with you.
The day I found out you had a partner, I went down.
It is irritating to know that you are in love and that love will never be returned.
Love is always complicated, but the most twisted one has touched me.
Love movies do not reflect reality. Or at least it doesn’t reflect mine.
Happy endings are impossible.

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A relationship is a matter of two. In our case only one of the two fought for it.
No one will love you or half of what I have done during this time.
Even if I move to another country, I will never forget you.
I was not brave and I lost you. I hope you can forgive me.
We make many mistakes. Mine is not to confess how I feel about you.
Every day I think about what could be and was not.

With your love you light me up every morning.
I wish you a nice day, my love.
Don’t let anyone wipe the smile from your mouth on this new day. Good Morning!
Who with a smile gets up, a good day awaits him. Smile my love.
Every day is beautiful if I get up next to you.

Tumblr quotes relationship

Thanks to you today I can be happy.
Have a beautiful day, my dear.
Kissing your lips is my greatest awakening.
If you smile at life, she will smile at you. Enjoy the day, love.
I don’t need coffee in the morning. Your eyes are my greatest source of energy.
Good morning is always better by your side.

Tumblr quotes smile

Eating breakfast every morning with you makes me tremendously happy.
I can go without coffee in the morning, but I can’t leave without a good morning kiss.
Since you are with me, good morning has become commonplace and everything is thanks to you.
There is nothing more pleasant than noticing you by my side every morning. You give me the strength to start the day. I love you!

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