Quote of the day funny

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Quote of the day funny

Quote of the day funny  , For temptations like you, there are plenty of sinners like me!

Excuse me, do we have a mutual friend to introduce us to?

Quote of the day funny
Quote of the day funny

Do you know the measurements of the Universe? So you can’t imagine how much I like you.

You have something on your face: the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life.

Quote of the day funny

I would love to see you without makeup every morning of my existence.

Excuse me, is your name Google? It is that in you I find everything I need.

Where do you sell the tickets to win this prize?

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Tell your mother that I would love for her to be my mother-in-law.

If Adam for Eve ate an apple, I would eat the entire Garden of Eden for you.

You are so pretty that I have forgotten what I had to say.

You are a dream from which I do not want to wake up.

What is a star doing so far down in the sky?

Everywhere I hear you and I look at you.

Since I’ve known you, I look at you and I feel like I can fly.

Hello, I wanted to know if in addition to being beautiful you are kind, are you?

For an instant I believed that I had died and entered heaven, but I see that I am still alive and it is heaven that has come to me.

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What’s your favorite animal? This only applies to start a conversation.

I adore your eyes, I wish I could see myself in them again.

I will be honest and sincere: you have something special and I want to meet you.

Your clothes are beautiful, they would look nice on the floor of my room.

Can you tell me your name? Yesterday I dreamed of you and when you were going to tell me, I woke up!

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Where can I find a coffee shop? Do you want a coffee?

It seems incredible that it took me so many years to get to know you.

I’m writing a novel, you haven’t noticed, but you were the protagonist.

I really like your eyes, especially the left one.

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