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Fake smile quotes

Fake smile quotes Fake smile quotes , In the midst of suffering, a smile is great medicine. 1 –  Think for yourself and let others enjoy that same privilege. (Voltaire) Don’t let others control your way of thinking. Fake smile quotes 2 –  Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Somehow they already… Leer más »

Funny black good morning quotes

Funny black good morning quotes Funny black good morning quotes  , When our distance kills you, remember that the sun and the moon cannot be together either … but that’s not why they stop trying. I love you, love, more than I could put into words. That the distance does not make you doubt, that… Leer más »

Funny marvel quotes – funniest quotes

 Funny marvel quotes Funny marvel quotes  , The wonderful thing about our relationship is that we understand each other, together we motivate ourselves and project a single vision of love. I’m not the perfect girl from magazines but if we meet you might like me when you undress me. Funny marvel quotes I need to… Leer más »

Short funny quotes about life – 50 + Short funny quotes

Short funny quotes about life Short Funny Quotes and life Short funny quotes about life, Humor is one of the best ways to brighten up your life and that of others. With it you can see life with a positive perspective and face problems with a better frame of mind. Without a doubt, life is… Leer más »

Having fun quotes and funny quotes

Having fun quotes Having fun quotes, Funny image of a couple where the bride is jealous of her boyfriend in the middle of the morning. Here I am waiting for the love of my life to appear. If love is butterflies, is jealousy African bees? One of our images with messages that says: And now… Leer más »

Funny couple quotes – Funny love quotes

Funny couple quotes Funny couple quotes, It is essential to maintain the flame in a relationship because the operation and future of it depend on that. It is also important to show that person to whom we pretend that we love them, that we care and that they are fundamental in our life. For both… Leer más »

Funny relationship quotes – Funny love quotes – Cute love

Funny relationship quotes Funny relationship quotes, “Weather forecast for tonight: it will be dark” “The four most beautiful words in our language: I already told you” “The closest a person gets to perfection is the day they fill out a job application” “A day without sun is, you know, night” Funny relationship quotes “Don’t give… Leer más »

Humorous quotes – Hilarious and funny quotes

Humorous quotes Humorous quotes, Thanks to social networks and instant messaging applications, thousands of funny messages travel the world through the Internet. These short funny phrases to brighten up the week can make you forget all the problems to have a fun time reading. Humorous quotes The many benefits that a sense of humor has… Leer más »

Funny fathers day quotes – Funny Father Quotes to Make Your Dad Laugh

Funny fathers day quotes For whatsapp Funny fathers day quotes, –I’m glad you’re away. I need my space. -I´m sexy and I snow it. -Almost everything in excess is bad, except me. -My wallet is like an onion, opening it only makes me cry. -Before I was indecisive … now I doubt it. -Nothing is… Leer más »