Poems for kids

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Poems for kids

52. I want – Octavio Paz

Your eyes are the homeland of lightning and tears, silence that speaks,

storms without wind, sea without waves, imprisoned birds, golden sleeping beasts, impious topazes like the truth, autumn in a forest clearing where the light sings on the shoulder of a tree and all the leaves are birds, beach that the morning finds full of eyes, basket of fruits of fire, lie that feeds, mirrors of this world, doors to the beyond, calm pulsation of the sea at noon, absolute that flickers, paramo.

Love poems to conquer a woman

Love poems to conquer a woman are like strokes of sincerity and tenderness that seek to touch the soul. Through carefully woven verses, like Ángel González’s poem, they express admiration, devotion and the unique beauty of the beloved woman. These poems try to conquer not only the heart, but also the complicity and special connection that is shared. They are a poetic way to demonstrate the deep affection and magic that an authentic feeling can provide in the art of falling in love.

Short poems about life struggles

53. As long as you exist – Ángel González

As long as you exist while my gaze searches for you beyond the hills while nothing fills my heart if it’s not your image and there’s a slim chance you’re alive somewhere illuminated by any light…

While I have a feeling that you are and your name is that, with that small name of yours I will continue as now, my beloved, passed away under that love that grows and does not die, under that love that continues and never ends.

54. XIV – by Alfonsina Storni

You are circulating through my veins.

Beautiful poems about life

I feel you slide slowly.

I rest my fingers on the arteries of the temples, the neck, the fists, to feel yourself.

55. Spell and with you – Eduardo Casar

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Today I have to be the wind.

Be careful.

Reinforce your windows with wood and firm knocks.

With the wood draw the initial of my name.

They say that if you do it you will throw the bearer of the name that you draw with wood propping up your windows towards peace, far from trembling.

They say that there is no more effective spell than confronting the attacker with himself.

They say it’s effective, but it doesn’t work.

I will know how to find loopholes to reach your chest.

And tomorrow it will be my turn to be water.

Be careful.

Because tomorrow it is very likely that a dangerous thirst will be born within you and it is summer.

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