Life quotes pinterest

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Life quotes pinterest

62. No one is more likely to be deceived than the one for whom the lie conforms to his wishes.

One of Jorge Bucay’s phrases in which he expresses that it is easier to fool people by their needs rather than by what they ignore.

Life quotes pinterest

63. Don’t yell at me. I respect you less when you do it, and you teach me to yell too, and I don’t want to lose respect for either of you.

Life quotes pinterest
Life quotes pinterest

Respect between people is an essential element for a relevant social and emotional bond to exist.

Life quotes 2021

64. For me, violence is a consequence of competition, and competition is a consequence of rivalry and comparison; and rivalry and comparison are a consequence of a consumer culture in which we are educated to compare ourselves all the time with others.

With this phrase, Jorge Bucay criticizes the consumer society that generates competitiveness instead of promoting other values ​​such as fraternity or collaboration in which collective objectives are pursued.

Life quotes pinterest
Life quotes pinterest

65. Why is independence impossible? Because to be independent you would have to be self-sufficient, and nobody is. No one can do without others permanently. We need others, irretrievably, in many and different ways.

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Even if we don’t want to, we need other people to continue in life, or simply to achieve our goals. Life is experienced through social ties.

66. There is no happiness, and of that I am sure, that can be obtained from escaping, much less from fleeing into the past.

You cannot achieve happiness by constantly reliving past times, you have to live in the present to achieve it.

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67. You cannot give up before you are beaten.

It is not convenient to anticipate events when we see something bad, we cannot know what may happen in the future.

68. The only fear that I would like you to feel in the face of change is that of being unable to change with it; believe yourself tied to the dead, continue with the above, remain the same.

This quote from Jorge Bucay highlights the fact that people may not take advantage of change, and that this idea is terrible.

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69. Do not tell lies in front of me, or ask me to tell them for you, not even to get you out of trouble. It makes me feel bad and lose faith in what you say.

Sincerity is a key element in relationships between people, as well as maintaining mutual respect based on honesty.

Life quotes pinterest
Life quotes pinterest

70. Don’t compare me to anyone, especially my brother or sister. If you make me look better than others, someone will suffer; And if you make me look worse than the others, I’ll be the one to suffer.

One of Jorge Bucay’s phrases about how to compare people from the competitive urge is another bad habit that generates more rivalry and discomfort, instead of helping.

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