Life quotes depression

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Life quotes depression

28. Great results require great ambitions

Another of the phrases about life born in Ancient Greece. This one, in particular, is from the philosopher Heraclitus.

Life quotes depression
Life quotes depression

29. The heart has reasons that reason ignores

A phrase from the philosopher Blaise Pascal. There is an invisible logic behind the acts promoted by love .

30. We become what we think

Life quotes depression

A reflection of Earl Nightingale. Our actions are forming our identity.

31. Look back and smile at past dangers

A quote from Walter Scott: one of the good things about going through difficult situations is that, in retrospect, they make us great.

32. Life is like jazz … it is much better if it is improvised

Life phrases to reflect on

A phrase about life devised by the musician George Gershwin.

33. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to that

Well-known reflection on the active role that it is necessary to have in order to consider oneself truly free . The phrase is from Charles S. Windoll.

Life quotes depression
Life quotes depression

34. If you love your life, your life will return you with love

One of the happiest phrases about life. This is from Arthur Rubinstein.

35. You cannot have a positive life if you keep a negative mind.

Funny life phrases

This original reflection is by Joyce Meyer, and refers to the importance of mentality when interpreting our experiences .

36. The greatest adventure you can embark on is living the life of your dreams

This quote from Oprah Winfrey tells us about the courage it takes to make our actions match our wishes.

Short life phrases

37. Without music, life would be a mistake

One of the best-known quotes about the life of the influential philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

38. Choose a job that you are passionate about and you will never work again for a single day of your life

Life quotes depression
Life quotes depression

Another phrase from Confucius; In this case, he talks about the good of turning work into a pleasure in which we can fully get involved.

39. Life is either a great adventure or it is nothing

A phrase about life devised by Hellen Keller. Like other quotes, this one refers to the need to make what we do have a meaningful purpose , one that is bigger than ourselves.

40. The simplicity of life consists of being yourself

Life quotes pain

A phrase from Bobby Brown. Sometimes, acting as you are makes us enter dynamics that make us move away from our real purposes. frases de amor

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