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Life quotes pinterest

Life quotes pinterest 62. No one is more likely to be deceived than the one for whom the lie conforms to his wishes. One of Jorge Bucay’s phrases in which he expresses that it is easier to fool people by their needs rather than by what they ignore. Life quotes pinterest 63. Don’t yell at… Leer más »

Life quotes about happiness

Life quotes about happiness There are reflections expressed through words that, due to their depth and meaning, are capable of changing our way of thinking . We know these phrases as phrases of life, and, throughout history, there have been hundreds of famous people who have contributed their ideas to expanding the list of phrases… Leer más »

Life quotes motivational

Life quotes motivational Life quotes motivational, Life is the most precious thing we have, life is what gives us the opportunity to achieve all our goals and dreams , so sometimes it is important that we stop to think and reflect on it. To achieve this, something that comes in handy, are the short phrases… Leer más »

Life quotes short

Life quotes short Life quotes short, I made a downloadable list that you can get at the end of the article. You will also find several phrases converted into images with photos, because sometimes one image inspires more than a thousand words. Do not you think? Life quotes short The list will also help you… Leer más »

Life quotes funny

Life quotes funny, It is strictly forbidden to get up without illusions.     Stand up, breath, smile and go ahead.     Difficulties do not exist to make you quit but to make you stronger. Life quotes funny     I hope you live all the days of your life.     When was the last time you… Leer más »