Life quotes deep meaningful

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Life quotes deep  meaningful

        Life quotes deep  meaningful, What we like to think of ourselves and what we are rarely have much in common. – Stephen King.

        Sometimes you have to hurt loved ones. – CS Lewis.

Life quotes deep  meaningful
Life quotes deep  meaningful

        The desire to possess someone to whom you cannot give anything wears out the heart. – CS Lewis.

        You must tear down parts of a building to restore it, and the same goes for a life that has no spirit. – Rumi.

Life quotes deep  meaningful

        If you want to know what a man is like, see how he treats his inferiors, not his equals – JK Rowling.

        Let others boast of the pages they have written; I am proud of the ones I have read. – Jorge Luis Borges.

Life is quotes and sayings

        Trying the best we often spoil what is right. – William Shakespeare.

        In love there is always some madness, but in madness there is always some reason. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Life quotes deep  meaningful
Life quotes deep  meaningful

        Crying is fine while you are crying, but sooner or later the tears will end and you will have to decide what to do. – CS Lewis.

        A beautiful woman pleases the eyes; a good woman pleases the heart; the first is a pendant; the second is a treasure. – Napoleon.

Books are life quotes

        That’s funny. Never tell anyone anything. The moment you count anything, you start to miss everyone. – JD Salinger.

        Some like to say what they know; others what they think. J. Joubert

        A happy person is not a person in certain circumstances, but a person with certain attitudes. – Hugh Downs.

        A prolonged argument is a labyrinth in which the truth always loses. – Seneca.

Friends for life quotes

        In all activities it is healthy, from time to time, to put a question mark on those things that have long been considered safe. – Bertrand Russell.

        Someday you will be old enough to read fairy tales again. – CS Lewis.

        A misplaced word spoils the most beautiful thought. – Voltaire.

Life quotes deep  meaningful
Life quotes deep  meaningful

        A wrong opinion can be tolerated where reason is free to fight it. Thomas Jefferson.

        How unpleasant it is to like people who do not like you. – Jaume Perich.

Life quotes on friendship

        One by one, we are all mortal; together we are eternal. – Francisco de Quevedo.

        The truth is not found on the outside. No teacher, no writing can give it to you. It is within you and if you want to get it, look for it in your own company. – Osho.

        I don’t like working – no man likes it – but I like what’s in work – the opportunity to find yourself. Your own reality – for you, not for others – which no other man will be able to know. – Joseph Conrad.

        A sharp tongue is the only cutting instrument that gets sharper and sharper with use. – Washington Irving.

Life quotes of the day

        A disappointment, however cruel, is worth more than a pernicious uncertainty. – Francisco de Paula Santander.

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Life quotes deep  meaningful
Life quotes deep  meaningful

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Life quotes about friends

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Friends are life quotes

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Life quotes deep  meaningful
Life quotes deep  meaningful

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