Funny thoughts

por | 24 diciembre, 2021

Funny thoughts

Funny thoughts, I wish I had the super power now to be able to stay by your side.

I’m not sure I’ve met you before or I’ve seen you a lot in my dreams.

Funny thoughts
Funny thoughts

Is it possible that a star like you is on earth?

Today I bought an agenda and I was missing the most important thing: your phone number.

I like your style.

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You are so sweet that just by seeing you I am starting to gain weight.

If Columbus saw you, he would say: Santa Maria! What does this girl look like?

Since when do roses walk?

I am making a catalog with the best coffees in the city, will you accompany me to complete it?

Funny thoughts

A plane is not necessary by your side, your kisses make me fly anywhere on the planet.

For your birthday I give you the most beautiful thing that exists: a mirror so that you can look at yourself in it.

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I’ll start charging you rent, you’ve been living in my heart for a long time.

Since I entered the room I have not been able to stop looking at you, can I meet you?

Excuse me, I don’t usually do this: do you have fire?

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I take another turn?

Although I see you little, I think about you too much.

Can you buy me a drink? When I saw you, mine fell off.

Since I’ve known you, I’ve been afraid of death, because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see you anymore.

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I may not be the most attractive person in the place, but here I am, introducing myself.

You smell very good, have you eaten pizza?

Do you know what time it is? Seeing you I have lost track of time.

Hello, I wanted to introduce myself because your smile has captivated me.

Suddenly I have wanted to meet you and go out with you, would you mind?

I know you don’t know me, that’s why I’ve come to introduce myself.

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