Funny lines

por | 24 diciembre, 2021

Funny lines

Funny lines, Funny phrases to flirt can be a complement in the process of conquering the other person, since funny phrases to flirt are those that make the partner laugh, and nothing is more powerful than grace and laughter .

Funny lines
Funny lines

Therefore, we recommend a series of funny phrases to flirt that will make you look more attractive to that person that you like so much and do not know how to reach them.

Funny phrases to flirt

funny happiness quotes

A madman like me needs a screw like you.

You must be exhausted, because you have been going around in my mind all day.

My phone number was lost, could you give me yours?

Crazy friends quotes

You are the only human being with two hearts: yours and mine.

I want to be the “what ugly tastes you have” of your mom.

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