Weekend quotes funny

por | 25 diciembre, 2021

Weekend quotes funny

   Weekend quotes funny, I would get married in the afternoon and so I don’t lose the whole day, you’re welcome.

Weekend quotes funny
Weekend quotes funny

    When I grow up I want to be a bullfighter, do you have to take the bull from home or do they give it to you there?

    A policeman stopped me and asked for my “Papers”, so I took out “Scissors!” I won but he stopped me anyway, fucking life.

Weekend quotes funny

    I’m crazy, crazy are they that I enjoy it every hour.

    -What is homeopathy for? -What would you like it to be used for? “

    Sex education would be positive in schools, I don’t think that children should be given homework.

Weekend quotes funny

    If I could hit the person responsible for my damn problems, I couldn’t sit down for a year.

    I believe that we have found the missing link between wild animals and civilized men. We are.

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    Love is sharing dessert when she told you she didn’t want anything.

    Two words that will open hundreds of doors: pull and push.

    The best things in life mess up your hair. I just throw you off a bridge, you don’t count.

Short funny quotes about life

    If he won the world laziness prize, he would probably send someone to pick it up.

    Sleeping quietly at night is a sign of poor memory.

    It would screw me if Donald Trump was the first to fulfill the promises of his electoral program.

    I’m so smart that sometimes I don’t understand anything I’m saying.

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