Tumblr quotes love

por | 24 julio, 2020

Tumblr quotes love
Tumblr quotes love

Tumblr quotes love 26. Friendship doubles joys and splits heartbreak in half (Francis Bacon)

An undeniable truth: life is less harsh when we spend it near people who love us genuinely.
27. Only he who builds the future has the right to judge the past (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Tumblr quotes love

Tumblr quotes love
Tumblr quotes love

Tumblr quotes love

Nietzsche left us many famous quotes, such as this one, which indicates the importance of taking control of our lives.
28. A man is willing to believe what he would like to be true (Francis Bacon)

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Another famous quote by Francis Bacon, which teaches us the influence of our desires and longings on our thinking. A subtle criticism of religion?
29. If you want to be wise, learn to question reasonably, to listen carefully, to respond calmly and to be silent when you have nothing to say (Johann Kaspar Lavater)

Some practical tips to reach high levels of intelligence and wisdom.
30. What we know is a drop of water; what we ignore is the ocean (Isaac Newton)

Newton, in his immense wisdom, makes us notice that we do not stop being very ignorant about the reality that surrounds us.

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31. The ignorant affirm, the wise doubts and reflects (Aristotle)

The Greek philosopher Aristotle, on the foolishness of the ignorant.
32. I have committed the worst sin one can commit. I have not been happy (Jorge Luis Borges)

Borges left us this reflection, which shows that he was not attentive enough to enjoy life.

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