Love quotes shakespeare

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Love quotes shakespeare
Love quotes shakespeare

Love quotes shakespeare Every time I say goodbye to you, my heart asks when I will see you again.
I know that you are my special person since you do not leave me even in my dreams.
A distance separates us but two hearts unite us, yours and mine.

Love quotes Shakespeare

Love quotes shakespeare
Love quotes shakespeare

If you think about that person even at night, that’s good love.
How nice it is to spend time with you, it seems that nothing else matters and it is very true, I only care about you.
I love you with hope because hope is the last thing to die. I love how my heart dictates, could I live in your heart? Do you at least think of me as I do of you? I love you and always will.

You are you and I will always like you for how you are.
Love is beginning to say less and demonstrate more.
You don’t know how I want to see you.

Love quotes

I just wanted to think about you, I ended up loving you with me.
In a kiss you will feel everything that your loved one has kept quiet.
Love is being able to laugh together at any nonsense.
Let’s go out together I invite kisses.

Love quotes Shakespeare

Love quotes shakespeare
Love quotes shakespeare

I always thought I’d find you.
They are loves of the good ones, the ones that I feel with you.
No matter how much I think about it I will always love you.
I want to hug you, kiss you and love you for eternity.
And I love you so much that I can’t even explain it.

Long love phrases

Love letters are written without even knowing what to say, but they end up feeling everything.
I’m glad it’s you, after all I’ve always been waiting for a person like you.
I will love you with everything I have for this never forget me and take me in your heart.
You know you are in love when you realize that this person is unique.
And no matter what your head says as long as my heart never stops talking to you.
Love as you can, love with everything you have, love all you can, even if you don’t know how it could end.
I miss you never doubt it, I love you don’t ask me, I love you never forget it.
Although we are far away, in reality we are not, close your eyes and feel me at the bottom of your heart.

Love quotes for her

I will make you never forget me, I will make you never stop loving you and if it is true that in time all love dies, I will stop the time between the two.
I think about the love of my life and I realize that they have your name and surname.
I look at that star and it reminds me of the promise we made, that of always being together.
Although it seems that true loves no longer exist, they exist in our hearts, love for ourselves.
Loves like ours will last for all eternity, because we had precious moments that we can never forget.
I only care about one person, I only care about you.

Quotes about motivation

More than giving you a kiss, more than giving you a caress, above all I would like to give you my sincere love.
Even in my saddest and darkest days you are able to give me happiness and joy.
The medicine of my soul is that of your kisses that make me sigh.
There is only one true love, but you can find thousands of different versions.
If it makes you laugh a lot, if it amuses you, look no further, you are with the love of your life.
True love is known by what it offers, never by what exists.
I fell in love with your smile and your look and although we are nothing you have me very much in love.

Love phrases to dedicate

I don’t know what I want, the truth is that the only thing I want is to continue but with you.
I don’t want to regret anything, that’s why I want to spend many moments with you, I want you to know me and know that it is you, the light of each morning, the melody of each music and the sigh of each beat in my heart.

Love quotes

The fruits ripen for the sun, while people for love.
When you fall in love, give everything to that person, without thinking about the purpose of your love.

Motivational quotes

If you want someone say it, no matter the answer, truth and sincerity matter more.
They don’t always love you like you do, but it doesn’t always matter.
This love that united us, this one that to love taught us.
If I were a guardian angel I would take care of you, but since I am a human I will live loving you every day.
Not having someone to love you yet is sad, but a real tragedy is not knowing how to love.
Lips like yours I will always want to kiss, but the best thing is that you have a heart that I will never stop loving.

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