Tumblr quotes for best friends

por | 1 octubre, 2020

Tumblr quotes for best friends , Our friendship is one of those that are not easy to find, and much more difficult to leave.
You are my best friend because thanks to you I have been able to do thousands of crazy things that if not, I would not have dared. You have made me much braver and you have given me the necessary push to achieve everything I wanted.

Tumblr quotes for best friends

Tumblr quotes for best friends
Tumblr quotes for best friends

Even if you are far away, it does not matter, because I will always be by your side no matter what happens, and if I have to go see you, I will do it as many times as necessary.
How nice and beautiful it is to have a person like you by my side, that with just one look you understand me and that whenever I need it you take care of me and help me. Thank you for being my best friend, for loving me so much.
Perhaps they fought for their homeland, but they died for their friends, for those who were there fighting alongside them.

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A man who has no friends is like a stair without steps, or a plant without roots.
The support of a friend we must never reject because they are the most beautiful ways to face our reality.
Who discovers true friendship, finds a treasure.
Your friendship is a great gift that life has given me and that I will never lose. You are very important to me and I wanted you to know it today, on your birthday. I love you, my friend, congratulations.

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Knowing you, I can compare you to a clover: you are difficult to find, but you bring good luck to everyone next to you.
In the end the years of life do not matter, but the life of the years.
The past is a future, the future a dream. All we have is now.
The obstacles in life make us mature, successes make us reflect, and failures make us grow.

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When the world says to give up, hope says to try again.
Freedom is nothing but the opportunity to improve.
And I think there is nothing more beautiful than two people discovering themselves little by little.
I do not care about the years that life gives me, I care about the life that those years give me. I am one of those people who live in the present being aware that tomorrow is always uncertain. Enjoy this beautiful life and every moment.

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