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Tumblr quotes love happy

Tumblr quotes love happy Love appears when you least expect it. A simple crossroads, a crash or waiting in the Metro can emerge a beautiful story of two lovers who “lived happily and ate partridges”. Even perhaps, from the brush with a very special friend new feelings can arise. Tumblr quotes love happy If you… Leer más »

Best tumblr quotes about life

Best tumblr quotes about life – We gain strength in the temptation we resist According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, temptation has its benefits 72. Success is easy to obtain. The hard thing is to deserve it  Best tumblr quotes about life Clearly Albert Camus believed that not all people who enjoyed success really deserved it.… Leer más »

Tumblr quotes life lessons

Tumblr quotes life lessons , Success has many parents, but failure is an orphan In this phrase John Fitzgerald Kennedy expressed that when things go well everyone takes credit, while when things go wrong people do not want to relate what happened to their person. Tumblr quotes life lessons 26. Sometimes the heart sees what… Leer más »

Tumble quotes aesthetic wallpaper

Tumble quotes aesthetic wallpaper . Combine a photo with the motivational phrase that we like on social networks is a very good idea so that we can have them easily accessible. We can always access the platforms to remember their meaning in the most personalized way for ourselves. Tumble quotes aesthetic wallpaper At the same… Leer más »