Tumblr quotes life

por | 14 julio, 2020

Tumblr quotes life
Tumblr quotes life

Tumblr quotes life You have to decide what your top priority is and have the courage to say “no” to other things.

The immense wisdom that Stephen Covey treasured was partially transferred to us in his work, helping us to lead a better life.

Tumblr quotes life

2. Experience is the master of all things

Julio César knows that learning is based on each person’s personal experience and what they explain to you without having applied or experienced this knowledge.
3. Money cannot buy life

Bob Marley was a person who was very faithful to his principles and understood perfectly that the best that life and living can give you cannot be had through money.
4. The worst fight is the one that is not done

Tumblr quotes

Tumblr quotes life
Tumblr quotes life

Karl Marx reminds us that we must pursue our goals or be an activist for the causes we believe in.
5. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

This famous quote by Friedrich Nietzsche encourages us to continue our daily struggles despite failures, which he perceives as a source that nurtures our resistance.
6. If you don’t have critics you probably won’t succeed either.

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Malcom X was the great activist who fought for the rights of the black population, and encourages us to fight for what we want without fear of having critics. Understand that they are part of the process.
7. Of all the animals of creation, man is the only one who drinks without thirst, eats without being hungry, and speaks without having anything to say

Tumble quotes aesthetic

John Steinbeck makes us reflect with this phrase, because many times our life is wrapped in a certain nonsense
8. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it’s happened

For Dr. Seuss, regret is nonsense, because instead of suffering we could celebrate that something was wrong, and we can look forward again.

Tumblr quotes about life

Tumblr quotes life
Tumblr quotes life

9. Happiness is a direction, not a place

The American journalist Sydney S. Harris invites us not to let us think that our happiness depends on being in a particular place or situation. We must discover it within ourselves when we try to pursue our dreams.
10. You can fool everyone some time. You can fool some of them all the time. But you can’t fool everyone all the time

Abraham Lincoln transmitted to us the need to bet on honesty and transparency as a way of life, since deception always ends up being an option that turns against you in the long term

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