Music is life quotes

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Music is life quotes

Music is life quotes – It is important to assess who you relate to, since friendships affect you and can make it easier for you to learn.

16. The wise man does not pretend anything, neither to be good, or strong, docile, nor rebellious, neither contradictory nor coherent. It simply wants to be.

Music is life quotes

One of Jorge Bucay’s phrases about the humble character of the wise person. Who knows things that others ignore does not seek to stand out from others in any way, positive or negative.

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17. Never persecute yourself believing that you should already feel better. Your times are yours. Remember that the worst enemy in dueling is not loving yourself.

Music is life quotes
Music is life quotes

After a loss, take as much time as it takes to feel good about yourself again, without trying to push away feelings of sadness.

18. I believe that happiness can be achieved, as long as one does not fall into the stupid idea of ​​believing that being happy is laughing all day.

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Happiness is much more than a state of mind, and it cannot be forced.

19. We are not responsible for emotions, but we are responsible for what we do with emotions.

This quote from Jorge Bucay tells us that feelings are impossible to control, but we are responsible for how to act accordingly.

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20. If you are at a dead end, don’t be a fool… exit the way you entered.

This famous quote by Jorge Bucay expresses that when something ends, there are always ways to continue letting go of certain desires.

21. Love is not found in us to sacrifice it for the other, but to enjoy its existence.

Music is life quotes
Music is life quotes

In love, you have to enjoy the time you spend with the other person, being clear that it is not an expensive commodity, but that it emanates from the relationship itself in a simple way.

22. It is by updating and expressing feelings that the grieving person can feel relieved and liberated.

People need to release what they think in order to move forward. One of Jorge Bucay’s most inspiring phrases.

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23. It just bothers me a little to think that maybe tomorrow I will be too old to do what I have left pending.

Time is valuable, and it is important to value it as such to squeeze life in all its nuances.

Music is life quotes
Music is life quotes

24. Friends should not be chosen from among those who are capable of accompanying you when you cry; you have to choose them among those who are capable of laughing at the same thing that you laugh at.

A reflection by Jorge Bucay on friendship as a phenomenon that accompanies us in the way we experience happiness.

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25. The consumer culture has created as a consequence an attitude of rivalry and comparison that educates us to confront ourselves with others.

A reflection on the current consumer society that, instead of leading us to happiness, makes us confront each other.

Music is life quotes
Music is life quotes

26. I allow myself to take risks that I decide to take, on the condition that I pay the prices for those risks myself. frases de amor

We are solely responsible for our actions and their consequences, and we must act consistently with this principle in mind.

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