Life quotes about success

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Life quotes about success

27. Trying to escape bad thoughts is to go looking for them.

With this quote, Jorge Bucay tells us that it is a mistake to try not to think of bad thoughts, since the opposite effect is achieved. You have to accept them and let them dissolve in thought.

Life quotes about success

28. I allow myself to seek what I think I need from the world and not wait for someone to give me permission to obtain it.

Life quotes about success
Life quotes about success

The acts are the responsibility of each one, and therefore it is necessary to understand that oneself is the engine of their personal evolution.

Life quotes short  feelings

29. Working through grief means getting in touch with the void left by the loss of what is not there, appreciating its importance and enduring the suffering and frustration that its absence brings.

This phrase by Jorge Bucay reflects on the feelings of existential emptiness and the sense of longing that are generated during the duel.

Life quotes about success
Life quotes about success

30. The deaf person always believes that those who dance are crazy.

The situations can have different readings very different from each other.

31. Don’t forget that, good or bad, this too will pass.


Beautiful life phrases

Life has an end, so you have to keep it in mind and live in the present without creating worries artificially.

32. Don’t give me without measure everything I ask of you. Sometimes I ask to know how much it is reasonable to take.

You have to know even when it is necessary to ask others for help, but also know how to say no and take into account how easy it is to fall into excesses.

Life quotes about success
Life quotes about success

33. If I need someone to be with me all the time, that person must be myself.

This phrase by Jorge Bucay is a way of poetically expressing the importance of having adequate self-esteem and progressing in self-knowledge.

34. Growing up without height making me lose sight of what’s important. And the important thing … is life.

Life phrases to reflect on

Time passes but we never have to forget what really makes our life worthwhile.

35. Freedom is being who I am, not who you expect me to be.

Life quotes about success
Life quotes about success

This reflection by Jorge Bucay serves to explore the essence of freedom, something that is oriented towards the goals that each person sets.

36. Nothing that is good is free.

Phrases of life and love

Everything in life comes from the effort that is necessary to obtain it.

37. To depend on myself I will have to think of myself as the true center of what happens to me.

Life quotes about success
Life quotes about success

This famous quote by Jorge Bucay indicates once again the importance of not attributing to others what happens to oneself. frases de amor

38. The course of life is marked by the meaning that someone wants to give to their own existence.

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