Life quotes tattoos

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Life quotes tattoos

The objectives and desires depend on the life path that we have decided to take, deciding what really matters to us; we have the last word.

39. Is the path that is chosen always the correct one? The correct thing is in the election, not in the success.

One of Jorge Bucay’s phrases about how important it is to trust in one’s own power of choice, and not so much in one’s infallibility.

40. To be happy is to feel the convictions of being right.

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You cannot achieve happiness if you are always doubting whether you are doing the right thing.

41. The most important step in growth is to become a connoisseur of yourself, the worst and the best of me.

Self-esteem and self-exploration are two of the most important elements in life.

42. The happiness that some people argue can be achieved exclusively through religion is often the product of a superficial approach to life that is not reflected on.

In this sentence by Jorge Bucay it is pointed out that only with faith and dogmas what we really value cannot be achieved.

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43. The death of a loved one is an inevitable fact in our lives and the growth that comes from it as well.

Death is part of life, and the personal growth that comes with overcoming grief is too.

44. Don’t be always giving orders. If instead of orders, you sometimes asked me for things, I would do it faster and with more pleasure.

Sometimes manners are forgotten and more is demanded than favors are asked.

45. A life that adds up can be the first brick to build a happy life.

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Happiness can also be achieved by being with other people and by developing long-term projects that initially seem to be of no benefit.

46. ​​Nobody knows the leaks in a house until they are inside.

This quote from Jorge Bucay shows us that in order to know one’s own problems, first you have to know yourself well.

47. We do not fall in love with the potential of the other, but with what the other truly is. And while we’re together, let’s encourage him to let it out more and more.

In love we fall in love with how the other person is; and we do not seek to change it, but to encourage it to remain faithful to what makes it unique.

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48. I do not like that education according to which you have to fight to surpass others and not to surpass yourself.

A new reflection on the evil of educating in competitiveness and not in valuing oneself to evolve towards a better “me”.

49. Death will come, after all death has a good memory and never forgot anyone.

Death is part of life, and we will all get to it, so we have to accept it. frases de amor

50. If you don’t make the decisions you have to make, then the crisis lasts forever. And if one is paralyzed, that is a tremendous problem.

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