Life quotes pain

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Life quotes pain

40 phrases about life that will help you be happy

Famous authors who spoke phrases about life that we all remember.

Life quotes pain
Life quotes pain

The life is one of the ubiquitous aspects that accompany human existence , but also possibly the most mysterious.

Life quotes pain

Throughout history, there have been many personalities who have wanted to limit part of the essence of life with a few sentences, but not many have been successful in the attempt.

40 life phrases to understand yourself and others

Life quotes pain
Life quotes pain

Below you can read a selection with part of the best phrases in life . Thoughts about life that lend themselves to reflection and that can not only be used as a trigger for interesting debates, but as a tool for personal transformation.

  1. A good traveler has neither fixed plans nor the intention of arriving

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Lao Tzu uses the classic metaphor in which life becomes a journey to better express the paradox of what, according to him, our life trajectory should be. The mystical background behind his philosophy and the centuries that separate us from the time associated with Lao Tzu do not prevent it from being a very applicable reflection to our days.

2. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often the result of a lack of wisdom

Terry Pratchett talks about wisdom and experience as elements that, by their presence or absence, are part of the engine of our existence . In this way, a reflection that seems to be about knowledge becomes another of those phrases of life that seem universal and applicable to any society.

  1. Not being dead is not being alive

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EE Cummings deals with a question of terminology that hides behind it something more transcendent than it seems at first.

10. Every time something leaves, it leaves room for what follows.

Just because something ends doesn’t mean it’s the end; life goes on.

Life quotes pain
Life quotes pain

11. Making mistakes is an important part of learning, because without mistakes there is no growth.

It’s part of learning to make mistakes so they don’t happen again.

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12. Everything I do and everything I decide to stop doing is motivated by a desire, whether I can identify it or not.

We need reasons to do or stop doing something, we are not unaware of it. Chance does not exist in our actions.

13. When you are in a relationship and you realize that being able to avoid a crumb of suffering, the other does not, it is because everything is over.

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One of Jorge Bucay’s phrases about love being sharing and wanting to help the other person reciprocally.

14. The true seeker grows and learns, and discovers that he is always primarily responsible for what happens.

Each one is responsible for their actions and the engine of their own personal growth.

15. Being close to the one who knows the most makes the one who does not know wiser.

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