Life quotes success

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Life quotes success

With this phrase by Jorge Bucay, the aim is to highlight the importance of deciding and not letting problems become entrenched.

51. I want you to accept me without trying to change me.

Life quotes success

When we have a relationship with other people, we have to accept them for who they are and not for their idealized versions.

Life quotes success
Life quotes success

52. Difficulties thus reveal themselves to us as positive stages of life, since they are the ones that allow us to reach happiness.

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One of Jorge Bucay’s phrases about the positive side of problems; They do not prevent us from reaching the goal of happiness, but they are the means by which we navigate to progress.

53. When you are wrong about something, admitting it will make my opinion of you grow, and in passing you teach me to admit my mistakes as well.

Life quotes success
Life quotes success

Admitting mistakes is very important to growing as a person, and it is a way to improve. Therefore, it is a healthy habit that must be respected and valued.

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54. Don’t tell me: “I don’t have time for nonsense” when I tell you about my problem. Or “That doesn’t matter.” Try to understand me and help me.

In this phrase by Jorge Bucay, the idea is reflected that the points of view of others or their motivations or priorities should not be underestimated; cases in which interests are perfectly shared are the exception, not the norm.

55. I am terrified of living with a person who considers me essential in his life, because they are thoughts of manipulation and sinister.

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You have to relate to other people, but not depend solely on them.

56. Since I will be with me forever, it would be good to consciously place myself on my side.

The company must be valued and must guide our habits.

Life quotes success
Life quotes success

57. You are like this ring: a jewel, valuable and unique. And as such, only an expert can truly evaluate you. What do you do for life pretending that anyone discovers your true worth?

Each one has to know who he is and not wait for others to tell him, attributing greater value to the judgments of others than to his own criteria.

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58. Everything begins with the education we receive, so we should educate in a different way. I do not share that education according to which you are good if you are better than someone, and you are bad if you are worse than others.

With this phrase by Jorge Bucay, the education received in a consumer society is criticized, which is based on competitiveness to generate productive and efficient people from the point of view of the markets.

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59. Freedom is thinking what I think and not necessarily what I should feel, or what others would have felt, or what they expect me to feel.

Life quotes success
Life quotes success

Another of Jorge Bucay’s phrases about freedom, something that begins with oneself and does not depend on others. It is guided by its own criteria.

60. Self-respect is defending dignity over the need for approval.

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Respecting oneself begins with valuing ourselves and not expecting others to tell us whether or not we serve.

 61. Magic only lasts as long as the desire persists.

Illusion comes and goes with the degree to which something is desired.

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