Life quotes for instagram

por | 15 septiembre, 2021

Life quotes for instagram

Enjoying good self-esteem and motivational forces that can guide our lives towards a purpose is essential to have a happier life.

Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

Sometimes we need to seek support to be able to see ourselves with better eyes or find a more optimistic and meaningful interpretation of our experiences, and this help can be found in the words of those who encourage us.

Life quotes for instagram

However, it is possible to find that inspiring force to live life more fully in the world of literature. And the phrases of Jorge Bucay that we can find in his works and conferences are perfect for this purpose.

70 phrases by Jorge Bucay for inspiration

As a Gestalt therapist and writer, Jorge Bucay shows a way of seeing things highly influenced by humanism, which has led him to be known worldwide for his books, which focus on self-help, understanding and self-improvement.

Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

Bucay has defined himself as a “professional helper,” and through his work, writing, and lectures, he seeks to encourage people to achieve happiness for themselves. It is not surprising, then, that an author of the quality of Jorge Bucay, has left countless quotes and phrases to reflect on that invite us to change our way of life.

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Below you can savor part of the vital philosophy of this writer thanks to this selection of 70 famous phrases by Jorge Bucay that talk about life and self-knowledge.

1. The road marks a direction. And a direction is much more than a result.

The process of achieving something is much more valuable than the final product that we get at the goal.

Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

2. Happiness is the certainty of not feeling lost.

Aiming to achieve happiness helps us to have a path to follow.

Life quotes pain

3. You choose where and you decide until when, because your path is exclusively yours.

Decisions are made by one, and these should not be controlled by others.

4. True love is nothing other than the inevitable desire to help the other to be who they are.

This quote from Jorge Bucay refers to a powerful idea: love is embodied in the desire to make the loved one be true to himself.

Let me fend for myself. If you do it all for me, I can never learn. In case you forgot, you only learn from mistakes.

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The best education is born from self-motivation and self-sufficiency; Even if you do it wrong, you learn from mistakes.

6. Desire only works as long as it is directed towards the action that satisfies it.

Desire is a tool we use to achieve our goals. Otherwise it is not useful.

7. Making love implies a connection with love that does not occur all the time, not even between two people who love each other.

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With this phrase by Jorge Bucay he wants to tell us that intimate relationships are an expression of love, something that depends on the moments and what happens in the small details when we interact.

8. Because no one can know for you. Nobody can grow up for you. Nobody can search for you. No one can do for you what you should do for yourself. Existence does not admit representatives.

Life quotes for instagram
Life quotes for instagram

Each person is relatively independent and has to be aware of this and stand up for himself. frases de amor

9. Only if I feel valuable for being who I am, can I accept myself, can I be authentic, can I be true.

Self-esteem is an element that deserves to be taken care of to find yourself better.

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