Life quotes challenges

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Life quotes challenges

14. Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated

Confucius , in one of the most famous life phrases. His conception of vital projects that can claim human attention is rather minimalist, emphasizing the value of simplicity .

Life quotes challenges

15. Unexpected intrusions of beauty. That is life

The Canadian writer Saul Bellow , in one of the most curious and, therefore, interesting phrases in life .

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16. Losing confidence in your own body is losing confidence in yourself.

Simone de Beauvoir , one of the referents of feminism and wife of the philosopher Jean Oaul Sartre, about the relationship between body and mind and our self-concept .

Life quotes challenges
Life quotes challenges

17. Defining something is limiting it

Phrase by the Irish writer Oscar Wilde , applicable to all aspects related to day-to-day life and also to the most abstract concepts .

18. Crecer es perder ciertas ilusiones, para poder abrazar otras

La escritora y pensadora Virginia Woolf, en una de sus frases de la vida acerca de los proyectos vitales y lo subjetivo.

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19. Action expresses priorities

Another phrase from the pacifist leader Gandhi , this time about those things to which we attach more importance and towards which we direct our actions . A phrase that can help you be happier.

20. Life is a blank canvas, and you should throw as much paint as you can on it.

Life quotes challenges
Life quotes challenges

Danny Kane , about life and the possibilities it offers us: all those that can be traced with a brush on a blank surface .

21. Don’t live in the past, don’t dream about the future, focus your mind on the present moment

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One of the phrases about the life of Buddha , in which he emphasizes the importance of living the present with full consciousness.

22. Life is not about finding oneself, but about creating oneself

A quote from the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw s BOUT personal development process.

23. We do not remember the days, we remember the moments

Life quotes challenges
Life quotes challenges

A reflection and inspirational phrase by the Italian writer Cesare Pavese .

24. The purpose of our lives is to be happy

One of the most direct and forceful phrases about life of the Dalai Lama .

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25. The good life is one that is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell establishes the relationship between knowledge and love as the engine of the good life.

26. Donde reina el amor, sobran las leyes

One of the most remembered phrases of the Greek philosopher Plato, about the good of making ties and commitments based on love, an element that can replace the law when it comes to uniting groups and societies.

Life quotes challenges
Life quotes challenges

27. The obstacle is the way

A Zen proverb in which those difficulties that come our way are, in themselves, the means by which we advance to progress in our personal development . frases de amor

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