Funny work quotes

por | 25 diciembre, 2021

Funny work quotes

    Funny work quotes, I think the two neurons I had to get through the day have died. Goodnight.

    Do you know that incredible feeling of going to bed knowing that everything at home is clean and in order? Neither do I. Goodnight.

    What will sheep tell when they have trouble sleeping?

Funny work quotes

    I was going to send you a good night message, but from here until you answer me and I better wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Funny work quotes
Funny work quotes

    Dear mosquito, I’m going to sleep, I wanted to ask you a favor, could you suck fat instead of blood?

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    Who is aiming for beauty. Who is aiming for sympathy. I point to the bed.

    Don’t give up on your dreams, keep sleeping.

    Well folks, since good things don’t last, this cute little thing is going to sleep.

    Mi cama tiene una fuerza sobrenatural que me impide levantarme por las mañanas.

    I’m going to have a threesome… My pillow, my bed and me.

    Good evening and for those who read it in the morning, good morning.

    I’m going to mass, to my tasty bed, good night!

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Loving phrases of Good Night for WhatsApp

Despite the increasingly difficult times, affection sustains part of the relationships between people. This is the reason why the affectionate good night phrases for WhatsApp continue to be on the rise: phrases of love, friendship, my love, with much affection …

    Every night I ask you to appear in my dreams so that I can sleep happily.

    I want to wish you a beautiful night, because tonight is as beautiful as your smile.

    I’m going to sleep but first I want to say goodbye to you affectionately. Sweet Dreams.

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    The day ends, but before I close my eyes, I thank you for another day by my side.

    May your dreams transport you to that place where you would like to wake up.

    When we wish good night we do it to show our appreciation to that special person, that is why I send you my best wishes.

    I wish you good night and I confess that you were in my thoughts all day.

    When the eyes are closed, the body rests and the mind meditates. Goodnight!

    Fall asleep thinking about this: miracles happen at the least expected moment, do not despair

    When night comes, I think of the beautiful people around me and you are one of them. Good night!

    You played with me while I played it for you.

    I wish you have a nice night and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day, because we will see each other again.

    Find the most beautiful of your memories and put it in your dreams, I wish you good night and have sweet dreams.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with me, it has been a night like few others. I wish you a happy night, love.

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