Funniest quotes ever

por | 25 diciembre, 2021

Funniest quotes ever

Funniest quotes ever, When women say “no” they mean “beg me a little more.”

You can excuse my daring, but: can I throw you on the bed and make brutal love to you?

Funniest quotes ever
Funniest quotes ever

The first kiss can be as unexpected as the one in this image.

Love, I am in danger of extinction and you dare to waste me.

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Are you serious that you love me or are you just prattling on me?

Love, do you think I’m fat? – What did you say my buddha? Sorry, my love!

Let my future husband know: the only thing I am going to wash and iron is going to be my hair.

Funniest quotes ever

I would like to have a partner with whom to eat a lot and then roll happily for the rest of our lives.

You know, I’ve realized that there is something that would look good on you! Me.

Funny brother quotes

I can feel you miss me and so do I, but shh let’s continue to have strength.

Meme that shows us a son’s question to a mother about how he was born and a really funny answer with smiles.

-Can I take a picture of you?

-So that?

-I want to show Santa Claus what I want this Christmas.

I am happy to have met you, tells us this beautiful love postcard accompanied by a heart.

You should know that a woman in love is part of the society that protects “animals”.

If you found out how much I think of you, you would accuse me of mental harassment.

Buddy, I went to the dentist and he told me I should floss. – And how do you feel, compadre? – Well, the eggs come out but my buttocks are so fresh.

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Funny phrases for my boyfriend or girlfriend

– We have chemistry.

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– Really?

– Yes, we’ll have history later.

– Aww, are you serious?

– Yes, haven’t you checked the schedule?

I swear we will be together for life.

I love you Teófila, and I’m not interested in you being the cat of the house.

Did you know that I love you the way ducks want? Pa ‘all the life.

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