Tumblr quotes short

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Tumblr quotes short
Tumblr quotes short

Tumblr quotes short The happiness of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts

A phrase attributed to Marco Aurelio. Relate the idea of ​​happiness with the mindset with which we interpret the world.

Tumblr quotes short

Tumblr quotes short
Tumblr quotes short

52. Happiness cannot be obtained by wanting to be happy. It must appear as an unintended consequence of pursuing a goal greater than oneself

One of Viktor Frankl’s famous quotes on happiness, in which his humanistic approach is evident.

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Tumblr quotes short
Tumblr quotes short

53. Today is the first day of the rest of your life

A famous quote from Abbie Hoffman, about new beginnings.
54. Action is the fundamental ship of success

A quote by the painter Pablo Picasso, related to happiness but also to self-improvement.
55. Unhappiness is defined by being the difference between our talents and our expectations

Psychologist Edward de Bono talks about the nature of unhappiness, showing one of the keys to not falling for it.

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56. Work hard, be nice and amazing things will happen

A recommendation from Conan O’Brien
57. With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts

This optimistic reflection is from Eleanor Roosevelt.
58. What is beautiful never dies

One of the phrases of happiness and beauty of Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
59. Flowers grow from the darkest moments

The artist and educator Corita Kent reflects on our capacity for improvement and resilience.
60. Happiness is not something that is already done, it emanates from our own actions

The Dalai Lama reflects on the nature of true happiness.

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61. Many times, happiness sneaks in through a door that you didn’t know you left open

John Barrymore points out the unexpected of some accidents that do not produce joy.
62. No one can hurt me without my permission

One of the most quoted phrases of Mahatma Gandhi.
63. From time to time it is good to stop the search for happiness and just be happy

Guillaume Apollinaire talks about how good we can find in the simplicity of the present.
64. If you can imagine it, you can do it

A hopeful reflection by Walt Disney that tells us about human potential.
65. Remember that the happiest people are not the ones who earn more, but the ones who give more

H. Jackson Brown Jr. links happiness to solidarity and empathy.

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66. There is no one happier than one who is truly grateful

Joyce Meyer talks about happiness related to those lucky moments
67. When we are most alive is when we fall in love

A reflection by John Updike about the euphoria felt in love.
68. Everything you can imagine is real

Another phrase about the blurred limits of the potential that we carry inside.
69. Joy is the simplest form of gratitude

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A show of happiness can be a way to reciprocate the help of others.
70. The therapy that cures the most is friendship and love

Human treatment and empathy, added to a timeshare, are basic ingredients of happiness.
71. A friend is what the heart constantly needs

Henry van Dyke points to one of the primary sources of happiness and well-being.
72. Moving forward is a simple act, what is left behind is the hard

Musician Dave Mustaine speaks in these terms of resilience.

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