Tumblr quotes life

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Tumblr quotes life 44. Chaos is rejecting everything you have learned. Chaos is being yourself (Emil Cioran)

The philosopher Cioran believed that the identity built through learning is futile and banal.
45. Every man is a creature of the time in which he lives (Voltaire)

Tumblr quotes life
Tumblr quotes life

Tumblr quotes life

Tumblr quotes life

Voltaire believed that we cannot consider ourselves independent of the historical context that we have to live. Our ideas and our way of life are always conditioned by the date of our birth.
46. ​​We are what we do repeatedly (Aristotle)

Aristotle distanced himself from Plato’s idealism: for him facts and surroundings mattered more, and this is made clear in this eminently philosophical phrase of life.
47. The things we love tell us who we are (Thomas Aquinas)

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This important philosopher found in love one of the defining facts of the person.
48. Life is a tragedy box is seen in the foreground, but in general shot becomes a comedy (Charlie Chaplin)

Chaplin, as a film director, knew that the same event, or even a person’s life, changes depending on the way it is presented.
49. You always admire what you don’t really understand (Blaise Pascal)

This philosopher talks about the long reach of curiosity in our lives.
50. Man is the only creature that refuses to be who he is (Albert Camus)

Albert Camus, in one of his philosophical phrases about the struggle that the human being maintains with the creation of a meaning for his existence.

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51. The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook (William James)

This is one of the wise phrases of one of the references in the history of psychology.
52. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens (Jimi Hendrix)

Hendrix, on an important differentiating nuance.

53. What is proven once today could only be imagined (William Blake)

This quote refers to the perspective with which we should take what seems impossible.
54. Only the educated are free (Epictetus)

Education as the engine of freedom and autonomy.
55. All knowledge is hurtful (Cassandra Clare)

A wise phrase referring to the way in which each new piece of knowledge disrupts the foundations of what we thought we knew.
56. Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom (Thomas Jefferson)

For Thomas Jefferson, these two values ​​are closely related.
57. Every society is three meals from chaos (Lenin)

Tumblr quotes wallpaper

The Soviet politician and revolutionary, on the fragility of the cohesions formed within a country.
58. It takes a long time to become young (Pablo Picasso)

The renowned painter inverts the temporal order in which youth is located to imply that it is, rather than a biological phase, something learned.
59. Time is what we love the most and also what we use the least (William Penn)

A paradox raised by the English philosopher William Penn. To be aware that life is to know how to make the most of it.

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60. Freedom is never given; is always won (Asa Philip Randolph)

About the effort and sacrifices necessary to gain freedom.
61. Don’t be afraid of perfection; you will never reach it (Salvador Dalí)

Dalí, about a perfectionism that can sometimes paralyze.
62. We are never as vulnerable to suffering as when we love (Sigmund Freud)

Freud, about the risks of love.

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