Tumblr quotes about happiness

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Tumblr quotes about happiness
Tumblr quotes about happiness

Tumblr quotes about happiness , This article compiles short happiness phrases made to make us somewhat more likely to live day to day with joy.

Tumblr quotes about happiness

Tumblr quotes about happiness
Tumblr quotes about happiness

Tumblr quotes about happiness

Not only do they help to make us somewhat more optimistic, but many of them are also reflections of such important thinkers as Albert Einstein, Aristotle or Hellen Keller.
Let’s get to know the best famous phrases that tell us about feelings of happiness and joy. You are ready?
1. Things are beautiful if you love them

A clearly optimistic point of view is hinted at in this phrase by Jean Anouilh.
2. There is only one way of happiness in life: love and be loved

George Sand pronounces one of the so frequent happiness phrases related to love.
3. Those who want to sing always find a song

A Swedish proverb that also fits perfectly between the phrases of happiness belonging to popular culture.
4. When you are true to yourself in what you do, fascinating things happen

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Deborah Norville leaves us a reflection on the wonders that hide our daily realities.

5. Beauty is power, and a smile is your sword

An inspirational phrase from the English naturalist John Ray.


6. Happiness is the ultimate goal of human existence

One of the first phrases of happiness in history, in this case attributed to the father of philosophy in Europe, Aristotle.
7. Happiness is made to be shared

Pierre Corneille, about the brotherly part of happiness.
8. The purpose of our lives is to be happy

One of the Dalai Lama’s most remembered phrases, it is also one of the most popular phrases about happiness.
9. Life is either a great adventure or nothing

Hellen Keller, about the nature of life as something to be lived intensely.
10. The secret to happiness is having something to do

John Burroughs, on the simplicity with which you can find what makes us happy.
11. You can be happy wherever you are

Joel Osteen says there are no excuses that are worth to voluntarily stay out of happiness
12. There is happiness in duty, even if it doesn’t seem so

José Martí makes us see the good side of obligations and responsibilities.

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13. Happiness is not something that is postponed, but something that is designed for the present

Jim Rohn links the state of happiness with what we experience in the here and now.
14. Joy resides in the joy of achievement and in the excitement of creative effort

Franklin D. Roosevelt gives one of what, in his opinion, is a key to happiness.
15. Every time a door to happiness closes, another immediately opens

Another of the best known Hellen Keller phrases of happiness, about the opportunities that constantly come.
16. Independence is happiness

Susan B. Anthony relates the ability to choose freely to happiness.

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17. Happiness appears when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony

One of the phrases of Gandhi in which a very particular vision is given about what is joy and happiness.
18. The time you enjoy wasting it is not wasted time

Marthe Troly-Curtin gives us an excuse to continue doing what we like.
19. A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin. What else does one need to be happy?

One of the many positive phrases that Albert Einstein left, going beyond the field in which he was an expert.
20. No matter where you go: there you are

Confucius leaves one of the most powerful positive phrases.

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21. Happiness is within you, not next to someone

Film legend Marilyn Monroe on happiness and love relationships
22. Today I have nothing to do except smile

Paul Simon leaves this famous quote on happiness as simple as it is joyful and inspiring.
23. Kind words, a warm book, and an honest smile can work miracles

William Hazlitt, in one of those reflections that relate happiness to the small pleasures of everyday life.
24. The smile is a universal welcome

A way to see the usefulness of smiles, beyond borders. Max Eastman quote.
25. An optimist is the human embodiment of spring

One of the most poetic phrases of happiness, in this case by Susan J. Bissonette.

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26. Smile, it’s free therapy

Douglas Horton may err on the side of reductionism by comparing smiles to a form of therapy, but the result is a worthwhile image.
27. Being optimistic doesn’t hurt anyone. You can always cry later

Lucimar Santos de Lima gives one more reason to keep a positive mindset.
28. Laughter is a poison for fear

George R. R. Martin sees laughter from a somewhat martial point of view, but useful, after all, to be more cheerful.
29. There is only one passion: the passion for happiness

The happiness embodied in Denis Diderot’s thought.

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30. Perpetual optimism is a multiplier of forces

Colin Powell in a phrase of happiness that is also motivating.
31. The term “happiness” would lose all its meaning if it were not compensated by sadness

The reference of the psychodynamic school, Carl Jung, about the relationship between happiness and sadness.
32. I enjoy my life because things do not go as planned

Rohit Pandita makes us see with good face the apparent chaos of what happens in life.
33. Peace begins with a smile

Teresa of Calcutta puts the focus on the individual when it comes to talking about happiness.

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