Sarcastic comments

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Sarcastic comments

Sarcastic comments, 10. ” The best beer in the world is the one that is right now in my hand ” .

– Charlie Papazian

Beer quotes from great political leaders

Sarcastic comments
Sarcastic comments

11. ” Some people wanted caviar and champagne when they should have had beer and sausage ” .

– Dwight David Eisenhower.

12. ” Beer, drunk in moderation, softens the temperament, revives the spirit and improves health ” .

Sarcastic comments

– Thomas Jefferson

13. ” Show me a woman who loves the taste of beer and I will conquer the world ” .

– William II of Prussia.

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14. ” A lot of people don’t like the taste of beer, however, that’s just a prejudice ” .

– Winston Churchill.

Quotes about beer from fictional characters

15. ” We all have to believe in something: I think I’ll have a beer soon ” .

– Homer Simpson

16. “ Ah, my good beer. My love for you will never die ” .

– Homer Simpson

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17. ” Beer is the cause and the solution to all life’s problems ” .

– Homer Simpson

Sayings and quotes about beer from famous writers

18. ” A pint of beer is a meal of kings ” .

– William Shakespeare

19. “ Knowing the places, near or far, is not worth it, it is only theory; knowing where to draw the best beer is practical, it is a true geography ” .

– Goethe.

20. ” Beer makes you feel like you should feel without beer ” .

– Henry Lawson.

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21. ” Stay with your beer, beer is a continuous flow of blood, a continuous lover ” .

– Charles Bukowski

22. ” The fermentation of beer may have been a discovery greater than fire ” .

– David Forster Wallace

23. “ What does it matter if time goes by, if I’m having a beer today? ” .

– Edgar Allan Poe

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