Love pics quotes

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Love pics quotes

Love pics quotes, If you have been left wanting more, you cannot miss these love messages, love words full of romance to write the best love texts, romantic poems, love phrases to dedicate and make that person fall in love.

Love pics quotes
Love pics quotes

You can even use them as compliments for men or women, and who are you going to send these messages to fall in love with?

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    Distance means nothing, when one person means everything.

    When another’s happiness is your happiness, that is love.

    Without looking for you I found you, among all the people in the world.

Love pics quotes
Love pics quotes

    It’s not that I had bad luck in love, life was making me wait for you.

    Love is just a word, until someone comes along to make sense of it.

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    I love you more than you think, more than I say and above all more than I show you.

    I had already kissed you with my eyes a thousand times while you kissed me with your lips for the first time.

    If you want to know when I love you, just count the stars.

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    Sometimes it is better not to insist, not to get excited, not to think so much, let it be what it has to be. Brief or eternal.

    You were, are and always will be my most beautiful coincidence.

Love pics quotes
Love pics quotes

    I don’t know where we’re going, what I know is that I want to go with you.

    I like your perfume, you smell like the love of my life.

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    Love doesn’t need to be understood, it just needs to be shown.

    It is by separating when you feel and understand the strength with which you love.

    I like the difficult, the complicated attracts me and I fall in love with the impossible.

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