Love pics for wife

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Love pics for wife

    Love pics for wife, You are the most beautiful way that life has had to teach me that loving is worth risking.

    And when he smiles at me I swear he makes my life happy. Or messes it up, I don’t know. – Cheesy phrases

Love pics for wife
Love pics for wife

    Choose a person who looks at you as if you were magic.

    You’re not Google, but you have everything I’m looking for.

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    What he doesn’t know is that she is happy just seeing him.

    My mouth fell in love with your lips, my eyes with your gaze and my hands with your body.

Love pics for wife

    Love anime referee sumitur. Non ponitur. – We choose to love, but we cannot choose to stop loving. – Love phrases in Latin

Love pics for wife
Love pics for wife

    They say my eyes shine when I talk about you.

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    You are worth it, the joy, the wait, the distance, the moments, the tears, the laughter, the days and nights. You are worth everything to me.

    The distance only increases the desire to meet again. – Phrases of love at a distance

    You make my world more beautiful, even if you don’t know it.

Love pics for her

    I don’t know if we’re made for each other, but if we’ve come this far it’s because we continue to choose each other every day, and that’s like being made for each other.

    After all we are not so far away… you and I see the same moon, right?

    Sometimes it happens that what starts as crazy becomes the best thing in your life.

Love pics for wife
Love pics for wife

    There is nothing more beautiful than a story that begins with a coincidence.

    Since the day you came into my life, you are the only thing I think about. You are the reason I breathe. The stars of my sky. You’re the best of my life. The love of my life.

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Love pics for wife
Love pics for wife

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