Life quotes on instagram

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Life quotes on instagram

Life quotes on instagram – 4. The starting point towards all achievement is desire

As one of the pioneers of self-help, Napoleon Hill made many reflections and life phrases that dealt with the topic of personal development , project management, and the psychological aspects that lead us to achieve our goals. This phrase is an example of it.

Life quotes on instagram
Life quotes on instagram

5. Uninterrupted happiness is boring; must have alternatives

Molière , about happiness and the tension that exists between it and the emotional states that, without being part of it, are desirable.

Life quotes on instagram

6. True happiness costs little; if it is expensive, it is not of good class

Chateaubriand , like many other thinkers, believes that happiness is not an item to which we have to direct all our plans and projects, but that it is spontaneous and is expressed in simple deeds and actions .

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7. Love the life you have so that you can live the life you love.

Another paradox with a philosophical background, this time from Hussein Nishah . It raises the dialectical and non-sequential process of loving one’s own life , something that does not respond to a plan of actions that we can follow step by step.

Life quotes on instagram
Life quotes on instagram

8. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured

The legacy of the religious Gordon B. Hinckley is lavish in phrases about life, and this is one of the most significant for the simplicity with which is the essence of hedonistic philosophy described .

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9. Pessimism leads to weakness. Optimism to power

The psychologist William James about the influence of mental states on our possibilities of action. A more or less optimistic approach can more or less expand our range of options.

10. You have to harden yourself without ever losing your tenderness

The Argentine revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara makes fit the quality of toughness, useful to face demanding projects and to claim hard-to-reach ideals, with the tenderness and humanity necessary to live day to day in community .

Life quotes on instagram
Life quotes on instagram

11. Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to experience

Soren Kierkegaard hints here part of the principles on which would later be built philosophical existentialism : the value of existence above preconceived ideas and categories , and the lack of a predetermined life project.

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12. You cannot find peace by avoiding life

Virginia Woolf , about the need to know how to adapt to the context not only to be more functional, but to improve our well-being . frases de amor

13. Where there is love there is life

Mahatma Gandhi believes that love is one of the inherent qualities of human life . It makes sense, since we are predisposed to live in the company of other people.

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