Life quotes 2020

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Life quotes 2020

lLfe quotes 2020, Think twice before speaking, because your words and influence will plant the seed of success or failure in the mind of the other.-Napoleon Hill.

-The man who does more than he is paid, will soon be paid more than he does.-Napoleon Hill.

Life quotes 2020
Life quotes 2020

– To err is human, but it is more so to blame others for it.-Baltasar Gracián.

-The only advantage of playing with fire is that one learns not to get burned.-Oscar Wilde.

Life quotes 2020

– That they speak of one is frightful. But there is something worse: that they do not speak.-Oscar Wilde.

-Questions are never indiscreet. The answers, sometimes yes.-Oscar Wilde.

– He who entrusts his secrets to another man becomes his slave.-Baltasar Gracián.

-Youth has no age.-Pablo Picasso.

-He who thinks he can, can. He who thinks he cannot, cannot. That is an inexorable and indisputable law.-Pablo Picasso.

-The greatest declaration of love is the one that is not made; The man who feels a lot, speaks little.-Plato.

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-Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.-Benjamin Franklin.

-Searching for the good of our fellow men, we find ours.-Plato.

– Who has patience, will get what he wants.-Benjamin Franklin.

-Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet.-Rousseau.

Life quotes 2020
Life quotes 2020

-Youth is the time to study wisdom; old age, to practice it.-Rousseau.

-If reason makes man, feeling drives him.-Rousseau.

-It is always more valuable to have respect than the admiration of people.-Rousseau.

-No one can be happy if he does not appreciate himself.-Rousseau.

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-It matters much more what you think of yourself than what others think of you.-Seneca.

-If you want your secret to be kept, keep it yourself.-Seneca.

-The poor is not the one who has little, but the one who desires a lot.-Seneca.

-The language of truth must be, without a doubt, simple and without artifice.-Seneca.

-The reward of a good deed is in having done it.-Seneca.

Life quotes 2020
Life quotes 2020

32-Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.-Stephen Hawking.

– We do not act correctly because we have virtue or excellence, but we have them because we have acted correctly.-Aristotle.

35-A hero can be the one who triumphs and the one who succumbs, but never the one who abandons the combat.-Thomas Carlyle.

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17-To dispel a doubt, whatever it may be, an action is needed.-Thomas Carlyle.

-There is always a place on the heights for the brave man who strives.-Thomas Carlyle.

-The talk that does not end in action, better to suppress it.-Thomas Carlyle.

-Only in a world of sincere men is union possible.-Thomas Carlyle.

-If we did the things that we are capable of, we would literally surprise ourselves.-Thomas Alva Edison.

-The forties are the ripe old age of youth; the fifty the youth of the mature age.-Victor Hugo.

Life quotes 2020
Life quotes 2020

-Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.-Victor Hugo.

-Atreveos: progress is only achieved this way.-Victor Hugo.L

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-No one lacks strength; What a lot of people lack is will.-Victor Hugo.

-Suffering deserves respect, submitting is despicable.-Victor Hugo.

-The ones that drive and drag the world are not machines, but ideas.-Victor Hugo.

Life quotes 2020
Life quotes 2020

-Only he who knows how to limit his desires is immensely rich.-Voltaire.

-The true value consists in knowing how to suffer.-Voltaire.

-To be good only to oneself is to be good for nothing.-Voltaire.

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-Those who believe that money does everything, end up doing everything for money.-Voltaire.

-We say a foolish thing and by dint of repeating it we end up believing it.-Voltaire.

-The more you like yourself, the less you look like others, which makes you unique.-Walt Disney.

-The way to start is to stop talking and start doing.-Walt Disney.

-There are more treasures in books than in all the pirate loot on treasure island.-Walt Disney.

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