Google cloud print

por | 11 octubre, 2021

Google cloud print

 Google cloud print, As it is possible to access through the internet, it allows us to improve the productivity of the team and have accessibility that will help to expand our response capacity and, above all, that, in case of failure, your team could work outside the office without problem.

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Google cloud print
Google cloud print

google cloud vision

What can I work in the cloud?

 Absolutely everything that you currently have On-premise can work in the cloud, only here is a trick that is, you have to know how to do it so that you work properly and you really see a tangible benefit, there are services that cannot be moved just as they are, rather, it is necessary to make a configuration based on cloud services.

google cloud cost

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How much?

The price is very variable, but it has multiple benefits, it is paid monthly, it is tax deductible and the service is not depreciated, unlike the hardware that after a while becomes obsolete, in addition to having the service of a partner you do not need staff dedicated to the maintenance of the On-premise model, much less a physical space or hidden expenses.

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There are some layers of AWS for example that have no cost or migrations that go from 50 DLLS per user, but it is not possible to make a fixed estimate because each business handles different architectures.

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To see how much it would cost you based on what you already have, request a quote.

What is the difference between hiring a hosting or an instance in the cloud?

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The biggest difference between a hosting and an instance are precisely the advantages that we mention the cloud has, that is, a hosting is a simple space on a shared server in which it does not have the guarantee of availability that a cloud service has, in addition.

google cloud dataflow

n It is not flexible nor is it possible to choose optimal characteristics based on what you want to host there, in a few words it is as if you acquired a physical server but you did not have it on your site, that is, if it fails in the same way you will be left without service, no You pay only for what you consume but for a specific space and you cannot grow or reduce it according to your needs.

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