Google cloud sql

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Google cloud  sql

Google cloud  sql, Do I need additional hardware or licensing to migrate to the cloud?

Yes, it all depends on what you are going to migrate and the use that you are going to give it, usually when a cloud provider makes a proposal they are already considering all the server licensing, but to that you have to add tools that you need to that the response time of requests is what you expect, for example:

Google cloud  sql

Google cloud  sql
Google cloud  sql

 If you decide to migrate an administrative system such as contpaqi or SAP then you need an intermediary that links your users with the cloud efficiently, which is why it is recommended to do it with CITRIX, which provides services that make the migration transparent since there are no changes in the experience. of user.

 Another case would be if you are interested in making automatic backups, there are tools that allow this to be done in the periodicity that you need, whether on the server, database or machines.

google cloud regions

 This is why the cloud has the ability to complement and configure itself according to what your business requires not only currently but rather what it needs to grow an ideal IT model scheme to operate efficiently.

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 Is it safe to work in the cloud?

google cloud bigquery

Yes, it is, since the service provider has layers of security to protect the servers provided, only that and it is clear to you, IT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the security configuration of your information, why? Because that would be messing with your data and would be violating the privacy of your customers since that would make them have access to the information.

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What must be done is a configuration considering all aspects: encryption levels, DNS, ports, accesses, user roles, among others.

Do I need someone expert to control cloud services?

google cloud platform certification

Of course, there are some companies that contract the services directly on their own, which is fine, but what happens when it is done like this? Precisely what I commented to you in the previous question, if the subject is not known, a bad or null security configuration could make your information vulnerable, also if you hire an expert he will be monitoring your instance and will make recommendations to reduce the costs of this IT model, as well as to improve the service and of course it will be your eyes regarding its security.

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In addition, when you contract a cloud solution with a partner, he is in charge of offering you the most suitable product for what you need, an instance for backups is not the same as for applications.

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For websites or for administrative systems since brands Cloud leaders are so focused on reducing costs that they have designed special services for each need and by specializing the charge varies, it is not the same that you need the instance every so often or that your requests are unstable, it is for backups that are not use or for a DRP.

If you want more information on the subject, I invite you to consult more of our blog.

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