Google cloud hosting

por | 11 octubre, 2021

Google cloud hosting

Google cloud hosting, Although it is a technology that has been on the market for several years, adopting cloud models is still an issue that generates questions among IT directors and CEOs, which is why I list the frequently asked questions about cloud computing below. and thus help you to consider it for your company.

What is the cloud?

Google cloud hosting

Google cloud hosting
Google cloud hosting

 It is a service that is provided in which it is possible to mount the information on servers granted by the provider, avoiding the updating and maintenance that is traditionally used in on-premise models.

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 The cloud is structured by a set of mega servers distributed in various locations around the world to provide its primary function, which is availability, which leads us to the following question:

google cloud architect

What are the benefits of working in the cloud?

 The most important thing is the availability of the information and services that can be achieved because it has a scheme that allows inoperability to be almost nil, because, if any provider’s server were to fail, it has more locations that help to continue operating, something that for example if we have a server on our site and it stops operating we could not continue working.

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 Another benefit is scalability since we can increase the amount of space almost immediately, that is, we only need to make the request for it to be requested and in a couple of hours at most we already have it, unlike when we need a server and You have to go through several processes, purchases, configurations to have it.

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 Flexibility is one more that also represents a great reduction in costs, that is, we can expand or reduce capacity, that is, if your business only needs large space for short periods of time, it is possible to pay for what was consumed during that time and you would not need have a server with that capacity that generates expensive investment for minimal events.

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