Google cloud pricing

por | 11 octubre, 2021

Google cloud pricing

Google cloud pricing, It has a calculator  where we can find very interesting questions when estimating the solution in the cloud, for example when we talk about Computer Engine, it asks if there is a commitment to use, the average hours, commitment to use, IPS; and this in a super friendly way for any type of technical profile in order to play with it in an easy way making budget estimates.

Google cloud pricing
Google cloud pricing

Google cloud pricing

GCP computer

It is possible to see in the image that Google solutions can start from $ 30 USD per month per virtual server, being I am very accessible for any company. And additionally, Google gives its customers and prospects $ 500 USD to test the service.

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When to use GCP?

Google Cloud Platform is excellent for companies that are passionate about developing their own applications and invites everyone to do so, since it is the ideal platform to materialize the innovation ideas of your work team by having dedicated tools for this. In addition, it works excellent with O tools pen Source that facilitate work and above all make an application affordable.

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It is also ideal for companies that want to start easily in the cloud, since Google Cloud Platform – although it has very advanced and varied services – summarizes them in just a few, so that it is easier for companies to understand which ones you need, putting available to the customer including calculators by product, descriptions by solution to make identification easy.

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And of course, Google is the king of analytics so a Big Data, Business Analytics or Data Warehouse solution runs excellent within GCP because it has advanced services to facilitate its manipulation, ingestion and analysis.

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Google Cloud

 The Google cloud has gradually been gaining market in Mexico, since 2019 it has begun to see great movement in terms of commercial reach and communication, always promoting schemes multicloud with its cloud rivals, which is why it is also the last recommendation for Using a plug-in from other clouds is great with On Premise environments.

google cloud gcp

Also, if it is integrated with Google Workspace, the result is exceptional.

google cloud pricing calculator

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